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New legislation in L.A. Intoxicated and mental health patients need specialized centers, not emergency rooms
02-01-17 Category: Addiction, Advocacy, Mental Health

People experiencing an acute overdose, substance withdrawal symptoms or other life-threatening conditions usually are rushed to emergency rooms (ERs). In Los Angeles County, according to the present law, paramedics need to take patients with drug or alcohol-related conditions or psychiatric symptoms to an ER where they may have to wait for hours or days for […]

Behavioral health issues during middle age are lowering Americans life expectancies
02-01-17 Category: Addiction, Health and Wellness, Research

In the 20 years between 1978 and 1998, the mortality rate for white people in the United States dropped by approximately 2 percent each year during 1978-1998. The rate matched the numbers in France, Germany, the United Kingdom, Canada, Australia and Sweden. After 1998, the mortality rate in these countries sustained the 2 percent per […]

Nevada proposes cut in mental health budget due to dip in demand for services
02-01-17 Category: Advocacy, Mental Health

The government at national, state and local levels are taking various measures to fight the growing problem of mental illnesses in the United States. However, an issue bigger than this is not getting access to mental health care services. According to the Mental Health America (MHA), in 2014, over half of American adults suffering from […]

Seattle to provide the first ‘safe injection sites’ in the United States
02-01-17 Category: Addiction, Substance Abuse

With an eye on combating the problem of substance abuse and overdose, Seattle officials recently approved two “safe injection facilities” for illegal drug users. The sites, the first of their kind in the United States, would offer access to medical supervision, clean needles and drugs like Naloxone that can help reverse overdoses. The initiative, meant […]

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