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Mental Health Programs For Cops
08-30-16 Category: Advocacy, Anxiety Treatment, Trauma

Orlando: 50 dead. Virginia Tech: 32 dead. Sandy Hook: 27 dead. Mass casualty incidents (MCIs) involve everyone in some way. Fortunately, most of us experience them via the 24-hour news cycle of cable news or the internet. We’re spared the horror of actually being present for a mass shooting or a bombing. However, the trauma […]

Depression rehab

Depression’s easy to write off. The word sure gets tossed around a lot. Bad day at work? Depressing. Saw a sad movie? Depressing. Cloudy weather? Depressing! But depression is much more serious than a passing bad mood. The Depression and Bipolar Support Alliance (DBSA) estimates nearly 15 million American are affected by major depressive disorder […]

Opioid treatments
08-26-16 Category: Research, Substance Abuse, Treatment

The opioid epidemic is a top killer in the United States, costing more people their lives than automobile accidents. The Unites States is the leading country in opioid addiction in the world. About 80 percent of the world’s opioid supply is consumed in the United States. It is difficult to read or watch the news […]

08-26-16 Category: Mental Health, Research, Schizophrenia

Schizophrenia is a complex, chronic mental illness that distorts thoughts, emotions and behavior. Hearing voices, seeing things that aren’t there, having false beliefs and speaking in a disorganized way are common manifestations of schizophrenia. Other symptoms include difficulty concentrating, poor memory, flat affect, apathy and trouble completing tasks. Schizophrenia affects approximately 1 percent of the […]

mortem brain tissue of alcoholics
08-26-16 Category: Alcoholism, Research, Substance Abuse

People who drink to “chill out” may have structurally different brains from those who drink to “catch a buzz.” A fascinating study recently conducted at the University of Eastern Finland examined the post-mortem brain tissue of alcoholics. The brains were divided based on their Cloninger’s typology, and the results may help in the creation of […]

discrimination and drinking alcohol
08-25-16 Category: Discrimination, Substance Abuse

Second-hand smoke was a novel concept when its dangerous effects were first discovered. Proximity to someone else’s bad habit could cause long-term health effects to anyone close by. It sounds obvious today, but for many years people were living and working in a toxic miasma without realizing the damage it was causing. No less harmful […]

depression in men

Men don’t ask for help. Men go it alone! Men rely on their wits, skills and internal strength to make it through life, and any man who dares ask for help just isn’t a man. Right? Wrong. Self-reliance is one thing, but for the most part, constantly going it alone is a mistake. Every man, […]

08-10-16 Category: Mindfulness, Treatment

Prostate cancer, while deadly, often grows very slowly. Some individuals who develop prostate cancer will never even experience symptoms from it, while others will encounter symptoms that are more uncomfortable than dangerous. Researchers estimate that many men who are being aggressively treated for prostate cancer would instead benefit from active surveillance, a treatment regimen that […]

magic mushrooms
08-02-16 Category: Research, Substance Abuse

  Psilocybin, the mind-affecting ingredient of magic mushrooms, produces significant effects on the brain and body. Carlos Castaneda and other early imbibers claim the drug’s ethereal euphoria ferried them to hitherto undiscovered realms of the subconscious. While it has no officially recognized medical application as a Schedule I drug, many modern users mostly claim that […]

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