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Microbes rule, according to Yale microbiologist Jo Handelsman, Ph.D., associate director for science at the White House Office of Science and Technology Policy — and she isn’t kidding. “Microbes really run the world we live in — every aspect of it,” Handelsman recently explained. “People don’t know that when they crave chocolate, one of the […]

Brain food
05-27-16 Category: Mental Health, Nutrition, Recovery

Brain food has been a popular topic for years. Certain foods such as walnuts and fish have been shown to be packed with minerals and vitamins that can help fuel the brain, providing improvements in cognitive tasks and memory. On the other hand, processed and genetically modified foods do not bring any health benefits to […]

potent combination against depression
05-25-16 Category: Depression rehab, Research, Treatment

Mental and physical (MAP) training is a clinical intervention that combines aerobic exercise and meditation training to improve cognition. Stressful life events can cause toxic effects on the mind and body but MAP training has shown to improve mental and physical outcomes in these stressful situations. A study published in Translational Psychiatry investigated the benefits […]

marijuana awareness campaigns
05-25-16 Category: Advocacy, Research, Substance Abuse

Marijuana is mainstream, more or less. Websites like The Cannabist review particular strains of pot along with recipes for various foods with marijuana as an ingredient. It’s fully legalized for recreational use in four states – and legal for medical purposes in another 20. Part of marijuana’s mainstreaming has been the realization it may be […]

Potential cocaine treatments
05-19-16 Category: Research, Substance Abuse, Treatment

The Centers for Disease and Control Prevention report cocaine-related deaths spiked 12 percent at last count. Currently there are no Federal Drug Administration approved medications for cocaine dependency, but there are a number of clinical trials testing potential medications that may soon help stem the tide of cocaine addiction and overdose. Potential cocaine treatments 1. […]

Unhealthy Eating Habits
05-19-16 Category: Health and Wellness, Recovery, Research

When people smoke marijuana, they often overeat high-calorie foods, a phenomenon commonly referred to as “the munchies.” Lack of sleep may cause the munchies as well, according to a new study. About the study The study examined healthy 18- to 30-year-olds during two four-day stays at a research center. During the first stay, the 14 […]

alcohol's scent distract
05-18-16 Category: Research, Substance Abuse

The earthy essences, some hint of complexity – more than a juice’s linear scent – and with a trail of ethanol that slightly burns your nostrils. Wait, what were we talking about? Rebecca Monk, Ph.D., a senior lecturer in Psychology at Edge Hill University, conducted a study to test just such a scenario: Can the […]

fetal alcohol spectrum disorders
05-18-16 Category: Cognition, Research, Treatment

Researchers at the NYU Langone Medical Center and the Nathan S. Kline Institute for Psychiatric Research (NKI) found that slow-wave sleep — a deep period of sleep during which the brain consolidates each day’s memories — was disrupted in adult mice that had been exposed to high levels of alcohol during brain development. This study […]

Trauma can affect memory
05-17-16 Category: Memory, Mental Health, Trauma

It was a horrifying case, made more so by its setting: a preschool. Hundreds of children sexually abused, and a long list of other unspeakable allegations: animal sacrifices, hidden tunnels, satanic rites and conspiracies. The McMartin preschool trial ran for six years, was the longest and most expensive criminal trial in U.S. history, and ended […]

Drug abuse trends in Northern and Southern California

The Community Epidemiology Work Group (CEWG) — a network of local substance abuse experts — reported semiannually on drug trends and emerging issues in major metropolitan areas and several states across the United States, and was supported by the National Institute on Drug Abuse (NIDA) from 1976 to 2014. Area representatives reported the most recent […]

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