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08-05-15 Category: Behavioral Health, Mental Health, Therapy

Natural disasters of all kinds inflict a significant amount of mental damage in addition to the physical devastation they also create. For residents of California, the most prominent threat to their natural environment has been and will continue to be wildfires. Over the course of the last decade, a series of serious incidents have displaced […]

08-05-15 Category: Behavioral Health, Mental Health, Therapy

The battle between nature and nurture is an eternal, ideological struggle within the realm of mental health care. With a greater acceptance of holistic perspectives in the modern age, the current and commonly accepted answer is that psychological ailments are caused by a combination of internal and external elements. However, there are a lot of […]

08-04-15 Category: Behavioral Health, Mental Health, Therapy

More treatment models are gradually adopting a biopsychosocial perspective of health and illness, which includes the biological, psychological and social factors that contribute to a person’s condition. As a result, health care providers have begun to identify characteristics among separate groups of people to warrant more adapted or specialized forms of treatment. One of the […]

08-04-15 Category: Behavioral Health, Mental Health, Therapy

The current drought that the state of California now faces is a potentially threatening issue with multiple consequences. For residents and visitors alike, a steady supply of hydration fuels a wide range of activities, from recreation and tourism to agriculture and industry. With such a vital resource on the decline, Californians have had to critically […]

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