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07-09-15 Category: Mental Health, Recovery, Therapy

Psychiatrist James Rucker made headlines last month when he called for a systematic amendment for how professionals and other people view certain substances. In particular, the honorary lecturer of the Institute of Psychiatry, Psychology and Neuroscience at King’s College London believes that psychedelics should be reconsidered by the government and classified as a non-dangerous substance. […]

07-09-15 Category: Behavioral Health, Mental Health, Therapy

The Anxiety and Depression Association of America (ADAA) survey details the main reasons for stress in the workplace in the United States. Each of the primary contributors affected people in a fairly equal manner, with a range influencing 49 to 55 percent of workers. The most common culprits of anxiety are deadlines, interpersonal relationships, staff […]

07-07-15 Category: Mental Health, Therapy

Popular stories of “Robin Hood” and “King Arthur” have kept the idea of the Middle Ages alive for generations. Although fictional in nature, current programs like “Game of Thrones” even offer a more direct perspective of how medieval systems may have operated. Regardless of how the history is absorbed, early periods of civilization are marked […]


Throughout the last century of health care research and practice, a biological focus on the chemical precursors to illness has led to the development of many different drugs. Based on research and other empirical evidence, these clinically administered substances are specialized to treat specific diseases and disorders. However, areas of ambiguity still inhabit the vast […]

07-06-15 Category: Mental Health, Therapy

When a person visits a mental health professional to receive a diagnosis for his or her symptoms, the clinician identifies which specific condition or multiple conditions affect the client. However, a fact that goes unnoticed during this procedure is that, depending on who examines the body and brain, the clinician will make a diagnosis influenced […]

07-06-15 Category: Mental Health, Therapy

With so much media flooding our daily lives, a fair amount of research has been devoted to observing and analyzing how certain media-consuming behaviors lead to various health issues. Aside from physiological weight gain and other negative impacts of inactivity, too much entertainment can also cause mental disruptions. Overall, media consumption on the global scale […]


One of the standard reference materials anyone can rely on while dealing with mental illness is the DSM-5, the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders. When a person looks up any classified condition, the criteria for each disorder always end with two distinct requirements: “The disturbance is not attributable to the physiological effects of […]


Dealing with a great loss in one’s life is a significant event. For instances such as death, trauma can be a common response. Similarly, going through a romantic separation of any kind can go one of two ways. A couple will either split up with equal, consensual feelings or they will end on a more […]

07-02-15 Category: Mental Health, Therapy

Perhaps you have suffered from a mental disorder for too long. Maybe the accumulated and interconnected symptoms associated with your illness have not only strained your life, but the lives of loved ones as well. You are ready to give therapy a try and communicate your inner struggle to another person. But now one final […]

07-02-15 Category: Mental Health, Therapy

The United States is often compared to a melting pot where inhabitants of many other countries aim to call America home. Each new entry into America contributes something unique to this conjoined collective of diversity, just as each state sets a special scene for communities to thrive in. California is no exception of this trend; […]

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