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06-30-15 Category: Mental Health, Therapy

The sunny setting of Southern California forms an ideal backdrop for soaking up rays, surfing and other ways of having fun. From as far back as the Beach Boys, the “SoCal” locale has become the home for enjoyable activities and leisure. While a lot of factors contribute to this regional trend, such as a close […]


HIV, or human immunodeficiency virus, is defined as a sexually transmitted infection. While sexual relations are its primary form of transmission, it can also be spread by blood or between generations during pregnancy, childbirth or breast-feeding. By weakening the immune system and the body’s capacity to fight off disease, a person will undergo an increasing […]

06-29-15 Category: Behavioral Health, Mental Health, Therapy

Ensuring the healthy development of a growing child is a process that requires many contributing factors. One of these important aspects is a child’s parents and the quality of care they provide. Especially during the critical years of childhood, particular disruptions to an offspring’s life can have significant effects on his or her future. For […]

06-29-15 Category: Addiction Treatment, Drug Rehab

Substance abuse has a number of well-known consequences and there is no denying that the likelihood of crime increases among those who abuse controlled substances, despite their illegality. Addiction to drugs can lead a person to go to great lengths to obtain them, regardless of the consequences of breaking the law that may result. Associated […]

06-26-15 Category: Therapy

Most people have a family member that he or she may turn to in times of need. This may be a parent, sibling, aunt, uncle or other trusted figure. Yet when a family member is vulnerable to substance abuse or a health disorder, family therapy may be a powerful means of recovery for many participants. […]


The Internet is a significant technological development that was introduced into society only a short time ago. Although it came from humble beginnings in governmental and academic networks, its digital connections have influenced the lives of billions. The World Wide Web is now an irreplaceable resource for instant information and cross-cultural communication. However, while people […]

06-25-15 Category: Mental Health, Therapy

Words of wisdom that are typically passed down to newer generations claim that young people do not know what love is. Maturing adolescents and emerging adults are learning about themselves and their surroundings. While many of these individuals have not yet experienced the highs and lows of a relationship, a comparable amount claim to know […]


Throughout the journey of life, there are times that signify major progress or monumental transition. Over the span of history, various cultures and societies have established specific rituals to commemorate the key moments of development. Also known as rites of passage, these rituals are fulfilled by communities in different ways. Some are public and celebratory, […]

06-24-15 Category: Mental Health, Therapy

In theory, the closest relationships people typically have are with their family members. Once a person is born, parents and perhaps some siblings will shed their influence over the growing individual for years to come. Both explicit and implicit lessons will be learned and applied as he or she develops and the members of one’s […]

06-24-15 Category: Behavioral Health, Mental Health, Therapy

Fun activities are typically integrated into the journey of a developing child. Learning to ride a bike, play an instrument or swim are all ways of applying practical knowledge and widening one’s range of experiences in the world. Another activity is camping, which teaches one how to survive and fend for oneself without the need […]

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