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alcohol abuse and its connection to cirrhosis of the liver
04-30-15 Category: Alcohol Addiction

Alcoholism is a serious illness that may lead to a number of complications in one’s personal or professional life. However, extreme alcohol abuse may also lead to a number of physical complications in prolonged cases, including cirrhosis which is scarring and tissue thickening of the liver. This condition may also occur as a result of […]

white house budget for 2016 to boost funding for prescription drug abuse programs
04-30-15 Category: Drug Rehab

There has been much research done about how prescription drug abuse is a growing problem in the healthcare industry nationwide. Some doctors have started to take further precautions in prescribing certain medications as a result of this misuse. Even with these precautions individuals who are addicted to prescription medications find a way to get their […]

a single genes action can regulate addiction and depression
04-21-15 Category: Addiction Treatment

Much research has been done in studying the genetic components of addiction and mental health disorders. Particularly interesting is the study of the gene, DeltaFosB, which has been specifically linked to addiction behaviors and depression. Research has shown, using mice, that an over-expression in DeltaFosB causes increased sensitivity to the behavioral effects of drugs and […]

nurses and narcotic abuse what to look for and how to get help
04-21-15 Category: Addiction Treatment

Nurse Jackie was a popular show on HBO which depicted its main character as a pill popping emergency room nurse. Great concept for a dark comedy, but how real was the premise? It turns out, it is all too real a problem among nurses nationwide, particularly among emergency department nurses who, according to research by […]

treatment for alcoholism and how it affects women

The disease of alcoholism does not discriminate but takes particular physical and cognitive tolls on both sexes. Although women may become addicted faster than men, they have lower relapse rates after treatment. While women may experience more serious liver damage, their brain matter rebounds faster after treatment. Biological differences between men and women dictate the […]

battle heroin and opioid epidemic nationwide

From coast to coast, a vicious scourge of heroin- and opioid-related overdoses and deaths are occurring in both large metropolitan cities and small rural communities. This epidemic, which has been growing for the past five years, is, through the impact of sheer numbers, causing collective alarm across the U.S. Activists, community collaboratives, local churches and […]

Tweet Chat Dr. Marcum

  Join Sovereign Health’s Dr. Meghan Marcum, Director of Clinical Excellence, for a Tweet Chat hosted on Twitter. The Q&A will be held on Tuesday, April 21st at 10 a.m. PST/ 12 p.m. CST/ 1 p.m. EST. Addiction Hope, a fellow resource for information and support for addiction and mental health disorders, will support the […]

neurofeedback effective tool in addiction recovery

It has been said that drug and alcohol addiction is a brain disease. According to research out of the University of Louisville School of Medicine and the University of Tennessee, substance addiction can be described as a mental disorder with specific behavioral, cognitive and psychosocial features. “Drug addiction can take control of the brain and […]

alcohol and drug addiction alters a persons appearance

When experts offer warnings about the dangers of substance abuse it often gets blown off. Feeling immortal, teenagers might ignore the evidence that is presented to them, to their peril. Junior high school science teachers show their classes images of black lungs to try to deter their students from smoking. Some of the kids light […]

senior woman
04-16-15 Category: Behavioral Health, Mental Health

When imagining the golden years of retirement, thoughts of golf outings, travel and bridge games might come to mind. For most senior citizens, retirement is a time of relaxation and recreation. However, a large portion of the senior demographic, about 6.5 million people, or 15 percent, are battling clinical depression, with a total of 25 […]

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