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repulsive images predict political orientation
02-27-15 Category: Behavioral Health

Apparently the difference between being a liberal and a conservative comes down to the way we handle fear and disgust. A recent study conducted by researchers from Virginia Tech Carilion Research Institute (in collaboration with researchers from University College London, Rice University, the University of Nebraska at Lincoln and Yale University), used fMRI brain scans […]

02-25-15 Category: Mental Health

Studies have shown that patients with heart disease are more likely to suffer from depression than those who are otherwise healthy. However, research continues to be conducted as to why this is the case. Perhaps unsurprisingly, depression often leads to weakened physical and mental health. A weakened mental and physical constitution may exacerbate the symptoms […]

phobia of doctors
02-25-15 Category: Psychological Trauma

Most patients who need to see a doctor have reservations about the experience at one point or another. Fear of learning about a potential diagnosis, condition or illness is a normal concern. However, there are those who experience more serious symptoms that prevent necessary physician office visits. Of course, this fear carries with it the […]

combating the control negative emotions
02-25-15 Category: Behavioral Health

There are many factors that drive the actions of individuals. One of the many influential factors is emotion, specifically negative emotions such as guilt, shame or anxiety. Negative emotions can create a multitude of effects as well. For example, individuals dealing with anxiety may see their lives screeching to a halt due to the symptoms […]

software predicts depression relapse
02-23-15 Category: Mental Health

Almost one quarter of the U.S. population will experience a depressive episode over the course of their lives. Despite many recent advancements in the past century, including identification of genetic biomarkers found for the disorder earlier this year, we are still nowhere near finding a reliable means of predicting depression rates. However, where past research […]

positive thinking can be dangerous
02-13-15 Category: Mental Health

If you have ever had access to social media, then you have probably heard of it. It’s gone by different names… the law of attraction, determinism, psycho-cybernetics, but the idea remains the same: positive thinking equals positive results. Although this sounds like an elegant way to view our lives and the universe, for many of […]

02-10-15 Category: Mental Health

Often times, the origins of a mental disorder can be traced back to a person’s childhood. Not only are mental health disorders at unprecedented levels for adults, but children as well, with 3 percent of children (aged 3-17) suffering from an anxiety disorder and over 2 percent from depression, according to the Centers for Disease […]

why depression exists
02-04-15 Category: Mental Health

Depression is arguably the most prevalent mental disorder in the world, affecting over 350 million globally every day. Despite being commonly attributed to a chemical imbalance in the brain by pharmaceutical commercials, the causes of depression are much more complex. In recent years, depression has been found to be caused by not only genetics, but […]

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