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long term effects marijuana
01-30-15 Category: Marijuana

While the short-term effects of marijuana are undeniable, the debate on whether long-term damage is possible has been ongoing ever since it was labeled as a poison and banned in the 1920s. The majority of studies in the past have been flawed for the most part, with some testing “long term effects” in as little […]

insomnia heart attack
01-29-15 Category: Behavioral Health

A lack of sleep has been linked to high blood pressure and an increased risk of heart attack in the past. A recent study has now found an association between insomnia and heart failure, a disease that is already affecting over six million people in the country. The study involved over 54,000 people ranging in […]

01-26-15 Category: Behavioral Health

Mental illness can be damaging to others, especially to a person’s friends and family. However, an often ignored fact is that many mental disorders are maintained and even caused by family members. Due to rapid development in the brain throughout childhood, the mind is especially susceptible to trauma and the development of negative cognitive patterns […]

how contrarians are formed
01-23-15 Category: Behavioral Health

A contrarian is defined as a person who opposes or rejects popular opinion. Despite most people conforming to social norms simply out of laziness to go against the grain if anything else, some people remain resistant, developing their own rules and philosophies. There are various reasons for why someone would choose to perpetually go against […]

grief related illnesses in elderly
01-22-15 Category: Mental Health

Although bereavement has long been thought to cause stress that can affect the immune system, no formal studies have been carried out on the topic in the past. However, a study conducted by researchers at Birmingham University in the U.K. investigated the link between stress and immune function across different ages. Looking at participants who […]

fast paced tv kids ok
01-21-15 Category: Mental Health

Television has been accused of leading to behavioral problems in children practically since its inception, being associated with seizures, ADHD and violent behavior. One of the biggest concerns in recent years has been its effect on children’s ability to concentrate, allegedly leading to poor academic performance and attention disorders. A study presented at the annual […]

emotions contagious
01-20-15 Category: Mental Health

Sometimes, despite a person being charming and positive in nature, we still feel an unexplainable amount of unease around them. Many psychologists believe that, in many cases, this is due to our subconscious perception of their non-verbal communication. Most of our ability to feel empathy is due to body language and facial expressions, something that […]

childhood trauma ptsd gene
01-15-15 Category: Mental Health

While it has been known for some time that traumatic events in childhood are generally more damaging than ones experienced later in life, new research suggests that childhood adversity may influence them on a genetic level, leaving them more prone to developing post traumatic stress disorder in adulthood. The study found that the changes in […]

anesthetic ptsd treatment
01-12-15 Category: Addiction Treatment

For some people living with post traumatic stress disorder, their symptoms can be equal to (if not worse) than those suffering from chronic physical pain. With this in mind, it is not very surprising that an anesthetic procedure used to treat physical pain disorders has been found to be effective in those suffering from chronic […]

perception of control
01-05-15 Category: Behavioral Health

For some people, pressure helps them focus; for others, it makes them more likely to fold. A recent study set out to investigate why bad news can motivate some people to work harder while prompting others to give up. The study found that not only are different outcomes the result of the level of control […]

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