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Take care when making New Years Resolutions
12-30-14 Category: Mental Health

It’s that time of year again: it is almost New Year’s Eve. After all the hustle and bustle of the holidays, all anyone really needs to focus on usually is finding out what to do on New Year’s Eve and to sit down with a pen and paper and plan their New Year’s resolutions. Many […]

blind and nightmares
12-24-14 Category: Behavioral Health

The early 1990s movie “Darkman” was based on the premise that a lack of sensory input leads to higher levels of depression. Despite merely being a trope to make the character seem interesting, the writers of the movie may have actually been on to something, according to a recent Danish study. Conducted at the Danish […]

software mindset leaders
12-19-14 Category: Mental Health

Personality profiles have been used in the past for employment screenings and online dating profiles, but not so much for leadership positions so far. Now, a software program developed by researchers at Ben-Gurion University (BGU) has offered a new way to understand the personality of military and political leaders. Published in the American Intelligence Journal, […]

family focused program
12-18-14 Category: Addiction Treatment

Considering that most cases of juvenile delinquency are related to issues with the teens’ parents, it is not too surprising that family-focused programs have proved to be some of the most effective forms of intervention for such situations. Recent research carried out by Arizona State University has found a new family-oriented intervention to be highly […]

leadership key qualities
12-12-14 Category: Treatment Center Staff

Every team needs a leader and therefore, this is an essential ingredient of a professional organization. The question is what are the best methods of leading other employees? Which methods will guarantee efficiency and ensure success for a business? Those who become leaders will often have proven their abilities beforehand and will therefore be viewed […]

alcohol memory seniors
12-12-14 Category: Mental Health

Historically, the most celebrated benefit of alcohol on memory was its ability to erase it. Now, a recent study may have found moderate alcohol consumption to lead to higher episodic memory, or the ability to recall memories of past events. Published in the American Journal of Alzheimer’s Disease and Other Dementias, the researchers focused on […]

vaping addiction
12-09-14 Category: Addiction Treatment

Vaporizers and e-cigarettes have been marketed as being highly effective ways of cessation from regular smoking. Although studies so far have shown them to in fact be effective means of weaning oneself off a tobacco addiction, they may be working too well, with recent research pointing to them making heavier drug use more likely. Despite […]

brain scan ptsd treatment
12-08-14 Category: Mental Health

Considering that post-traumatic stress disorder has only been recognized as a mental health disorder since the 1980s, it is not that surprising that it has seen relatively few studies in the past. However, a recent study utilizing brain scanning has found a link between certain opioid receptors and symptoms of trauma such as sadness and […]

domestic violence same sex
12-05-14 Category: Mental Health

Domestic violence is a growing social epidemic that affects more than a third of the country’s population. Although its prevalence may not be that surprising, what is are the results of a recent study that found domestic violence to most likely be more common in same-sex couples. Conducted by researchers at Northwestern Medicine and published […]

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