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happy halloween
10-30-14 Category: Addiction Treatment

Halloween has always been a favorite holiday for many children, allowing them the chance to don a festive costume for fun, scares and of course, candy. However, Halloween has grown into much more of an adult holiday in recent years. Adult Halloween parties often risk more than innocent mischief, as some view the holiday as […]

10-29-14 Category: Addiction Treatment

San Clemente is a beautiful beach town in south Orange County, populated by people who are devoted to their families. Many of the current residents of this charming city grew up here themselves, and are now raising their own children here; their kids attending the same schools, hanging out at the same beaches, even dining […]

full moon tide insomnia
10-28-14 Category: Mental Health

The moon has been held responsible for everything ranging from increasing the tides to the murder rate as well as the werewolf rate. A recent study by researchers at the University of Gothenburg in Sweden has found something new to add to the list, finding a correlation between lunar cycles and interrupted sleep patterns. The […]

loss of pet
10-27-14 Category: Mental Health

When people lose a loved one, they are usually met with social support to aid them in their grieving. When we lose our pets, however, people seem to be considerably less empathetic, often times asking why we don’t simply get a new pet. Regardless of the actual amount of mourning involved, the lack of social […]

10-23-14 Category: Mental Health

In this age of the daily diet of Facebook “happy life” photos featuring smiling friends and beaming family members, and all the accompanying “like” icons, is it no wonder that we may be subconsciously striving for the elusive, perfect, happy life. A new book entitled “Upside of Your Dark Side” by Todd Kashdan and Robert […]

Though it remains controversial, more and more mental health practitioners have been employing what is known as the emotional freedom technique for their patients. This practice is intended to reduce negative emotions such as anxiety related to traumatic memories. This method originates from the concept of acupuncture in eastern medicine. The ancient Chinese believed that […]

reduce anxiety
10-22-14 Category: Mental Health

Although due much in part to genetics, anxiety is shaped in many cases by environmental factors such as one’s own negative thought processes, developing neural structures geared towards negative thinking and an unflattering sense of self. People who tend to be constantly stressed release higher levels of cortisol, a stress hormone that triggers the body’s […]

mental health issues
10-06-14 Category: Mental Health

An estimated 26.2 percent of Americans ages 18 and older, about one in four adults, suffer from a diagnosable mental illness in any given year. Due to this staggering number, the first full week of October is Mental Health Awareness Week, during which efforts are promoted to bring about a greater understanding of mental health. […]

choose to be happy
10-06-14 Category: Mental Health

Even the happiest, healthiest people face times when staying positive can be challenging. Anyone who has experienced deep sadness, anger or negative thought patterns knows how difficult it can be to turn around sometimes. Perhaps we’ve just gotten into a fight with our significant other, on top of not sleeping last night, and then get to […]

10-06-14 Category: Treatment Center Staff

Staff Spotlight Name: Ravi Shankar Title: Marketing Team Lead- India What is your background and work experience? I’m a firm believer that education always plays an important role in shaping the personality of an individual. I have a BS in Computer Science and MBA in Marketing. All my studies have helped me learn my strengths and weaknesses […]

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