August 2014 - Sovereign Health Group

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08-26-14 Category: Treatment Center Staff

Staff Name: Malakiah Hammers Location: Rancho San Diego Title: Director of Education Malakiah started her career in the education field in 1992, as an Administrative Assistant at a non-public school in Los Angeles. She stayed at Coutin School for twelve years. During those years she was in charge of each student’s Individualized Education Program and […]

08-25-14 Category: Mental Health

For years, less-informed individuals have told people with mental illness, “It’s all in your head.” According to research from the Human Brain Project, they may not be entirely wrong. Disparagement aside, scientists are using a procedure called brain mapping to examine regions of an active human brain. By pinpointing certain anomalies in the brain, scientists […]

08-04-14 Category: Health and Wellness

Describe what your life was like before coming to Sovereign Health. It was miserable. My addiction started when I was 13 and went on until I was 46. That’s a long time to be miserable. I was constantly trying to make it look like I was okay to my family and friends but I wasn’t. […]

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