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07-28-14 Category: Mental Health

Employee Assistance Programs (EAPs) are offered by many employers of large companies to serve employees by addressing problems that are affecting their productivity and job performance. EAPs offer counseling, recommendations and confidential assessments to employees, and their families, who are experiencing problems in their life which they can’t cope with on their own. These problems […]

07-28-14 Category: Addiction Treatment

Perhaps the most difficult component of beginning your journey to recovery is enduring the emotional and physical discomfort of drug withdrawal symptoms. Cleansing the nervous system of cocaine, prescription medications, opiates and alcohol places the body and mind into a chaos that may take days, months or years to completely heal. However, our addiction professionals […]

07-25-14 Category: Drug Rehab

If you’re facing legal entanglements that are related to mental health issues or substance abuse problems, you’re not alone. Our mental health professionals of Sovereign Health are dedicated to helping people reclaim their health and restore their integrity through treatment programs with solutions that make a difference. If you’ve been ordered to receive addiction or […]

07-18-14 Category: Treatment Center Staff

Staff Name: Spencer Pridgen Department: Court & Legal Services Title: Legal Coordinator What is your background and work experience? I’ve been in recovery for over ten years and know how difficult the struggle can be to overcome addiction.  I’ve sponsored many guys throughout the years and always felt like it was my calling to try […]

07-03-14 Category: Alcohol Addiction

The 4th of July is a uniquely American celebration and a favorite holiday of many people. It’s a time when families and friends make plans to get together for picnics, barbecues and trips to the beach. For people near the coast, who have access to a boat, or a friend’s boat, sailing and hanging out […]

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