May 2014 - Sovereign Health Group

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Elizabeth Giner
05-29-14 Category: Treatment Center Staff

A May 10 life celebration for Sovereign Health Group Admissions Consultant Elizabeth Giner attracted about 500 people, about 400 of whom were probably from NA (Narcotics Anonymous, the 12-step program that evolved from Alcoholics Anonymous). Elizabeth, 47, was diagnosed with cancer on April 7, and passed May 5, less than a month later in spite […]

PTSD Awareness Month
05-28-14 Category: Mental Health

Since 2010, June 27 has been designated by the United States Congress as Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) Awareness Day, in recognition of the fact that this phenomenon is a serious behavioral health issue. In addition, June has become PTSD Awareness Month in order to make people more aware of this disorder and the availability of […]

Travis Taylor
05-22-14 Category: Treatment Center Staff

Senior Clinician Travis Taylor was recognized at the May 15, 2014 staff luncheon at Sovereign Health Group’s San Clemente office as Employee of the Month. Travis said he was “shocked” when his name was announced. He was described as an asset to the Clinical team, because he always volunteers to help, even when he is […]

05-19-14 Category: Chronic Pain

What is Chronic or Persistent Pain? Chronic or persistent pain is broadly defined as either ongoing or recurrent pain that lasts for more than 12 weeks, and can either be continuous or recurring pain. This pain may be due to an injury, an episode of acute illness (pain related to cancer is not considered chronic […]

Serotonin Blood Test For Depression
05-07-14 Category: Mental Health

When visiting the doctor for an annual physical, it is routine procedure for a patient to have blood work done to check for many common illnesses, such as diabetes and heart disease. Sometimes additional blood tests will be ordered to facilitate an accurate diagnosis. Although helpful for many physical ailments, blood tests are not yet […]

National Anxiety & Depression Awareness Week
05-06-14 Category: Mental Health

National Anxiety and Depression Awareness Week, May 4-10, is organized by Freedom From Fear (FFF), a national non-profit mental health advocacy organization located in Staten Island, New York. Founded in 1984, the mission of FFF is “to impact, in a positive way, the lives of all those affected by anxiety, depressive and related disorders through […]

Rob Ford Enter Rehab
05-02-14 Category: Drug Rehab

Rob Ford, mayor of the city of Toronto in Ontario, Canada, has made a name for himself, although not for his achievements. Ever since a video of him allegedly smoking a crack pipe emerged in May, 2013, he has been regularly featured in Canadian and United States news and commentaries. He has also been a […]

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