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12-30-13 Category: Mental Health

It is the time of year when people go through the annual ritual of making New Year’s Resolutions, and too often abandoning them. About 50 percent of the population makes resolutions to change their lives, effective at midnight, December 31. However, research indicates that by February 1 of each year, as many as 88 percent […]

12-20-13 Category: Mental Health

Juicing and master cleanses are a trendy way to lose weight and detoxify the body. These products make up a 5 million dollar industry, tapping into the growing awareness of the unhealthy chemicals, preservatives, and other elements in the standard diet fare. People fear the toxins that enter the body through food and the environment, […]

12-18-13 Category: Behavioral Health, Mental Health

The holiday season is joyful, but it is also filled with many stressors. Between family, food, parties, gift buying, and the dark and dreary days, it is easy to become overwhelmed by stress and succumb to depression and anxiety or fall into unhealthy patterns that can lead to an eating disorder or substance abuse. Learning […]

12-16-13 Category: Mental Health

As we enter 2014 an innovative form of parity between first aid for mental health and medical problems is taking root in the United States. First Aid Training for Mental Health Issues Mental Health First Aid (MHFA), a program that originated in Australia in 2001, has spread to more than 20 countries including the U.S., […]

12-12-13 Category: Treatment Center Staff

What is your background, including your education and work experience? I received my bachelor’s degree at the University of California, Davis, my master’s degree in counseling psychology from University of San Francisco, and my Doctorate of Psychology at Azusa Pacific University. I did my pre-doctoral internship with the Wisconsin Department of Corrections, working in both […]

12-12-13 Category: Behavioral Health

Having an eating disorder, suffering from alcohol or drug addiction while living with a mental illness are all difficult conditions with long recovery processes that can be full of struggle and the very real possibility of relapse. However, when you have more than one of them, also known as a complex eating disorder, it makes […]

12-11-13 Category: Behavioral Health

Almost 15 percent of the global population, or more than one billion people, lives with some form of disability. Disability takes many forms, including chronic illness, physical impediments, mental disorders, or sensory deficiency. December 3 is the International Day for Persons with Disabilities, a day created by the United Nations to promote understanding and empowerment […]

12-10-13 Category: Mental Health

The holidays are supposed to be a time of joy, cheer, and festivities. However, for many people, holidays are often just filled with stress, anxiety, and depression. For some, the holiday blues are an annual occurrence, while other people’s struggle with holiday depression might be an anomaly. Many things can make you depressed over the […]

The holiday season is filled with family, indulgence, parties, festivities – and stress. This creates the perfect storm for a relapse in recovery from substance abuse. The top reasons for relapsing are stress, negative or challenging emotions, seeing or otherwise sensing the object of addiction, and times of celebration. The holidays are the rare time […]

12-02-13 Category: Addiction Treatment

If you close your eyes and picture the perfect family, what do you see? Is there a happily married couple with a few children? Does everyone smile and get along, and treat one another with love and respect? Are family dinners a time of relaxation and warm cooperation where each family member tells the others […]

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