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11-26-13 Category: Addiction Treatment, Drug Rehab

Vicodin is one of the most widely abused drugs in the United States. People are hooked on this drug that will either create permanent damage or will kill them. In 2010, Vicodin was the most prescribed pharmaceutical drug in the U.S. with 131 million prescriptions filled. The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has submitted recommendations […]

11-26-13 Category: Addiction Treatment

The Herren Project, founded in 2011, is former Boston Celtics’ player, Chris Herren’s way to give back. The program helps individuals and families who are struggling with drug and alcohol addiction in any way. His Story Chris realized his childhood dream of playing basketball for Boston College and eventually playing professionally for the Boston Celtics, […]

11-25-13 Category: Addiction Treatment, Drug Rehab

Without personal exposure to addiction it can be difficult to understand why people continue using drugs that damage their bodies and their lives. The authors of the book Uppers, Downers, All-Arounders, Darryl S. Inaba and William E. Cohen explain how drug and alcohol addiction can begin: “Let’s not kid ourselves. People initially do get something […]

11-18-13 Category: Mental Health

  Various cases of traumatic brain injuries, countless concussions, deaths from head collisions (mostly among high school and college players), one NFL player’s suicide, and bullying accusations are bringing the National Football League (NFL) to a breaking point: adapt or die. Former professional football player, Tony Dorsett, is disclosing his personal struggles in an effort […]

11-14-13 Category: Addiction Treatment

To treat epilepsy, a brain disorder that creates unpredictable seizures, most sufferers are given gabapentin, a pharmaceutical drug also known as neurontin. New study results are now showing that gabapentin can also be effective when given to alcoholics who are working to stay sober. What is Gabapentin? This drug works for epilepsy because it stabilizes […]

11-12-13 Category: Health and Wellness

When we hear about anorexia and bulimia, we tend to assume the disorders are exclusive to women, but more cases of eating disorders are surfacing among male teenagers. Much like addiction and alcoholism, eating disorders (E.D.), are equal-opportunity diseases. There is a not a gender, a race, a socioeconomic background, or an age that is […]

11-06-13 Category: Mental Health

Depression affects millions of people every day. We all feel sad, down, and lonely every now and then, but people with a depression disorder feel endlessly hopeless and full of despair. Treatment for depression is difficult because every sufferer’s causes vary, and are deeply rooted. Mental illnesses, like depression, are said to be diseases of […]

11-05-13 Category: Mental Health

The Holidays! For most people, particularly those who struggle with food-related disorders, the words can prompt a rush of mixed emotions including hope, guilt, nostalgia, loneliness and especially anxiety In short, this supposedly joyful season of good food, good friends and good memories may not be joyful or good for us where our health is […]

11-04-13 Category: Mental Health

Depression In Your 20s Nowadays we are met with constant challenges and difficulties at even earlier ages than before. Whereas in the past the world moved a slower pace, today in our technologically advanced world things happen faster than ever. This isn’t only true about computers and phones; it seems to be true of mood […]

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