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06-07-13 Category: Mental Health

President Obama salutes the National Association of Broadcasters (the NAB) who announced their mental health campaign. The NAB wants to use their media power to help bring attention to the much-needed help surrounding mental health treatment. Less than half of people with a mental illness have access to and receive appropriate help. This is definitely […]

06-06-13 Category: Weight Loss

“I went to a clinic to lose weight and left with the love of my life,” says Chris Glascow. He was in rehab for food addiction when he met Lizzie Elsburg, who was in rehab for anorexia. The couple fell in love while each working to get healthier. What could be better? Last August the […]

06-05-13 Category: Addiction Treatment, Mental Health

Friends, the show about 6 friends trying to survive life and love in Manhattan, never really touched on alcohol or drug abuse. There was “Fun Bobby” and a few other characters that referenced alcoholism and what not, but for better or worse, the Friends audience was not exposed to heavy issues like addiction. For a […]

06-05-13 Category: Drug Rehab, Mental Health

Sovereign Health’s treatment centers provide blended programs to its patients.  Blended programs are designed to tackle the multiple, interactive, issues that patients face making their treatment more individualized and likely to succeed. Like all treatment centers, Sovereign Health are often must explain what makes it different and what makes it stand out from the crowd.  […]

06-04-13 Category: Mental Health

This past Monday, June 03, 2013 marked the beginning of the White House’s National Conference on Mental Health.  President Obama kicked off the conference by saying that he hoped the event will elevate the national conversation on mental health by “bringing mental illness out of the shadows.” The event, hosted by both the President and […]

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