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04-11-13 Category: Treatment

Sunny Steinmeyer is the latest guest presenter on the treatment podcast. This episode of the podcast features Sunny speaking on successful approaches for eating disorder treatment. About Sunny Steinmeyer: Dr. Sarah Steinmeyer is licensed as a clinical psychologist by the state of California and has more than 30 years experience of in the clinical field in […]

04-11-13 Category: Weight Loss

The newest, latest and greatest version of a diet or a way to lose weight is constantly sought after. Carb-free diets, the cabbage soup diet, the South Beach Diet, and whatever other ones have swept the nation, are ridiculous ways people use to get skinny quickly. Gastric bypass seemed to also become a fad diet […]

04-10-13 Category: Behavioral Health

Unlike traditional psychotherapy in which patients are encouraged to discuss painful emotions or events to gain better insight and awareness to inner conflicts, art therapy is a vehicle which allows the patient to express difficult emotions without words.  Emotions, especially those that result from trauma, loss or crisis, are often hard to articulate – and […]

04-10-13 Category: Weight Loss

Just like addiction to drugs and alcohol, food addiction can take over a person’s life. When I realized that my weight was getting out of control, I wasn’t sure where to find help. I didn’t even know there was help for weight loss and weight management. I searched online and discovered that other people are […]

04-09-13 Category: Mental Health

Anger Management Files: Corrupted vs. Clean Anger If you find yourself constantly on the verge of a “blow up”, then something’s wrong. If anger is the most frequent emotion experienced, I call this corrupted anger. It’s corrupted because a person should be experiencing an array of emotions rather than mostly anger. More than likely, there […]

04-05-13 Category: Alcohol Addiction

Could it be true? A study out of Penn State shows that an increase in college enrollment is linked to a decrease in alcoholism. College and drinking seem synonymous, right? Keep reading! The study results are linking participation in college with a long-term healthier relationship with alcohol than is true of those not ever going […]

04-03-13 Category: Weight Loss

You remember Snooki, the small but loud cast member of MTV’s reality show, Jersey Shore? Well after the show was over, Snooki, real name Nicole Polizzi, got pregnant. After giving birth to baby Lorenzo, Snooki said she worked hard with a trainer, a friend of hers, to get the baby weight off. At this point, […]

04-01-13 Category: Addiction Treatment

Can addiction be treated like the flu, or like measles, where a vaccination is injected once and the body then fights off drugs and alcohol the way it would the flu virus? Dr.  Kim Janda, a medicinal chemist at the Scripps Institute in San Diego, California is working to make the answer to that question […]

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