April 2013 - Sovereign Health Group

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04-30-13 Category: Behavioral Health, Mental Health

Are you working in a male-dominated profession where competition is high, and you seem to have to work harder than any man just to keep the job you’re in? The fast-paced nature of the corporate world forces women to keep up in all kinds of new ways. Take women like Marissa Meyer, the CEO of […]

04-30-13 Category: Drug Rehab

Ken Seeley presents a guest lecture through Sovereign Health’s Treatment Podcast helping to explain ‘When To Intervene’. Ken Seeley lays out the ground work for setting up an intervention and how to get an addict to seek treatment. Ken Seeley is certified as a board registered Interventionist and is best known for his appearances on […]

04-26-13 Category: Mental Health

Ashley Judd says that depression and bipolar disorder have disrupted many aspects of her life, but she has still reached success as an actress, and is now seeking a career in politics. Ashley says that her difficult childhood of abuse, loneliness, and a lack of security have made her “absolutely certifiably crazy.” Millions of people […]

04-24-13 Category: Addiction Treatment

Marijuana is constantly referred to as the gateway drug, but doesn’t that mean into the use of harder drugs? Not necessarily. New studies show that smoking marijuana is connected to nicotine addiction. What are your thoughts? Is this because marijuana is not physically addictive, but the sensation of smoking something leads to an enjoyment for […]

04-22-13 Category: Addiction Treatment

When you think of a heroin addict, what image comes to mind? Do you picture a middle class kid in the suburbs? Probably not, but heroin addiction is growing in the suburbs all over the United States. Why? One factor could be the steady increase in prescription drug use and abuse. If a young teen […]

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04-22-13 Category: Alcohol Addiction

This month marks Alcohol Awareness Month for the field of addiction.  Alcohol Awareness month has been recognized each April since 1987 by the National Council on Alcoholism and Drug Dependence, Inc. (NCADD).  Each year, the NCADD sponsors Alcohol Awareness Month to increase public awareness and understanding, reduce stigma and encourage local communities to focus on […]

04-19-13 Category: Mental Health

Kids who avoid scary situations are more prone to developing anxiety disorders. It seems to make sense, right? Anxiety is a feeling of worry, nervousness, or unease about something that is about to happen, or about something that you do not know the outcome yet. A scary situation, especially as a child, would be avoided. […]

04-17-13 Category: Treatment Center Staff

This month Terri Cole, our new Clinical Exercise Physiologist, joins us for an interview about her road to Sovereign Health, how she entered the field of physiology, and some of her goals for Sovereign Health. 1. What brought you to Sovereign Health? My association with Deborah McCarthy, MS, RD is what ultimately brought me to Sovereign […]

04-17-13 Category: Mental Health

Mental health in the black community has just not been talked about, but as most people know, mental illness, addiction, and eating disorders do not discriminate. What keeps certain people from seeking services for the same illness or disorder that leads other people to quickly seek help? What particular aspects of the black community keep […]

Is your head pounding? Do you feel sick, and just want to sleep but you can’t stay asleep? Are you insanely thirsty? Insatiably hungry, or too nauseated to eat? Are you feeling depressed and worthless?  Are you hungover? If these symptoms have become all-too-familiar, and nursing your hangover has become a part of your regular […]

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