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12-12-12 Category: Drug Rehab

Think about those meth addicts you see Before and After pictures of who look as though they’re being eaten from the inside out. Now imagine what it would be like to love one of those people. To know whom he or she was at one point, and the total loss of all the potential ever […]

12-10-12 Category: Mental Health

    Sovereign Health Welcomes Audrey Grider presenting on Stress Reduction and Art Therapy Stress reduction activities such as mindfulness and meditation, as well as expressive activities such as art, have been found to help people improve their coping abilities and express emotions and memories that are too difficult to put into words. Art can […]

12-06-12 Category: Drug Rehab

I was walking along the Venice Boardwalk the other day and I was offered a medical marijuana card. I stopped and talked to the guy, just to get some information, and I ended up asking him about how it all works. Apparently it’s legal to obtain a medicinal marijuana card that allows you to buy […]

12-05-12 Category: Mental Health

Brianna has been to series of painful events in the past and was referred to Sovereign Health of California by another treatment center. She talks about her behavioral health issues and how she got them under control by going through therapy sessions, groups and through counseling. She explains in detail her experience with Sovereign Health. […]

12-03-12 Category: Drug Rehab

As I patrolled the Internet this morning for information on areas of my current interest, I stumbled upon an article about an Olympic athlete. In early November of this year, it was announced: Olympic diver reveals meth addiction. How did I miss this?! A guy named Matthew Mitcham wrote a book about his struggles with […]

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