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12-31-12 Category: Addiction Treatment

Jasmin Rogg, a licensed Marriage and Family Therapist, was a guest on the ‘A Moment Of Change Podcast’ and shares how to have feelings and still maintain sobriety. Jasmin Rogg is an expert on the subject and also the author of ‘To Hell and Back’. Listen In Here: Counseling psychology is the master’s degree Jasmin […]

12-30-12 Category: Drug Rehab

Researchers have long suspected and partially confirmed a link between pot and psychosis. For many years, as public support for marijuana legalization and distribution have increased, researchers have been investigating this connection to find out if there are any potential health risks from marijuana. While many scientists often assumed that the relationship between these two […]

12-25-12 Category: Dual Diagnosis

In 2011, Brandon Marshall revealed he had been diagnosed with Borderline Personality Disorder (BPD). In his words, the diagnosis made sense of a lot that of damaging and self-damaging things that had happened in his personal and emotional life that had never added up: “By no means am I all healed or fixed, but it’s […]

John D. Tobias is the Certified Alcohol and Drug Counselor – II (CADC – II) for Sovereign Health. He received his Bachelors Degree in Journalism at the University of Wisconsin and continued on to receiving his Masters of Science Counseling at the National Louis University in Chicago, Illinois. John is currently a board member of Recovery Beyond […]

12-21-12 Category: Drug Rehab

California is a progressive state that started the trend in legalizing marijuana for medicinal use. It has yet to legalize the drug for recreational or non-prescribed use. Colorado and Washington have though. Marijuana is now legal is those two states. Although still illegal under federal law, Amendment 64 was added to the Colorado state constitution, […]

12-20-12 Category: Mental Health

Unfortunately mental illness is still stereotyped and stigmatized in our country. Although most people suffering from mental illness can be appropriately treated when properly diagnosed and monitored, a lay person thinks that there is someone wrong with a mentally ill person, or that the mental illness can be “turned off.” As someone who used to […]

12-19-12 Category: Mental Health

This month marks a very important day to many in the mental health world;  professionals, clients and families. The 17th of November marks the annual International Suicide Survivor’s day, a day that is meant to serve as an empowering symbol to all those who have survived an encounter with suicide, as well as those who may be […]

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12-18-12 Category: Health and Wellness

Apparently there is a growing trend in eating disorders, which makes me sad. What would someone think is positive about starving yourself or making yourself purge after eating? From what I have read, eating disorders have become a fad, mainly among college-age girls. I am concerned about this generation that has grown up in the […]

12-14-12 Category: Dual Diagnosis

When I was in rehab for drugs and alcohol, it was determined that I had symptoms of borderline personality disorder. As they said, the treatment center I was at did not treat mental illness, so I was going to be referred to a facility where I could have a lot of attention for what they […]

12-13-12 Category: Dual Diagnosis

Sovereign Health has a storied history at providing dual diagnosis treatment for people suffering from co-occurring disorder. A co-occurring disorder is when a patient suffers from a drug or substance abuse issue along with a damaging mental health issue like depression. The problem with traditional drug rehabilitation centers, is that they treat either the addiction […]

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