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Center for Dual Diagnosis
10-20-12 Category: Dual Diagnosis

The term dual Diagnosis refers to the presence of psychological disorders including but not limited to depression, anxiety, bipolar disorder or schizophrenia concurrent with the presence of drug addiction or alcoholism. In simple words, people who suffer from depression, anxiety disorder, schizophrenia or bipolar disorder (commonly termed manic depression), tend to make efforts to overcome these […]

Mental Health Treatment Centers
10-20-12 Category: Mental Health

Over 57 million adults in the United States (almost 1 in 4 people) have been found to be suffering from some sort of mental health disorder. The NIHM predicts that almost 26 percent of adult Americans will be diagnosed as suffering from a mental disorder each year.   With the growing pace of this health […]

Addiction Brain Disease
10-20-12 Category: Mental Health

Addiction is the state of being enslaved to a habit or practice, or to a substance which is psychologically or physically habit-forming, such as alcohol or narcotics, to such an extent that its cessation causes severe symptoms of withdrawal. Addiction initially starts with the trial of a substance. As the individual tries the substance for […]

psychological trauma in children
10-20-12 Category: Psychological Trauma

Psychological trauma is a type of damage to the psyche which occurs as a result of a sudden, quick traumatic event. When that trauma leads to post traumatic stress disorder, the damage may involve physical changes inside the brain and to brain chemistry, which changes the person’s response to future stress. A traumatic event involves […]

10-20-12 Category: Addiction Treatment

Dr. Kelly Krueger (Clinical Director) sits down for a question and answer session regarding substance abuse prevention. Q: How did you become involved in substance abuse prevention? A: My involvement in substance abuse started from a young age. From the time I became an adolescent, to my young adulthood I was deeply involved with both […]

10-20-12 Category: Drug Rehab

Sovereign Health is proud to announce that its ground breaking aftercare program T.E.A.M. (Technologically Enhanced Aftercare Monitoring) has been selected for presentation at the Annual World EAP Conference in Baltimore, Maryland. Case management, client feedback, psycho-education, facilitation of community resources and nuero-cognitive enhancement are all integrated into the TEAM program. TEAM was created to help […]

10-20-12 Category: Health and Wellness

Written By: Sarah Steinmeyer, Ph.D. Licensed Clinical Psychologist Director, Eating Disorders Treatment Program Exercise can bring a level and accomplishment as well as promote health. However particularly for people who struggle with eating disorders, what begins as a desire to attain a healthy goal can become form of intense mental and physical punishment: there is […]

10-20-12 Category: Drug Rehab

Methamphetamine addiction is a scourge that has been damaging American’s health for years. Users who have been using meth regularly can develop a number of significant health issues, including but not limited too; insomnia, paranoia, delusions, mood swings, irrational fears, tooth loss, appetite loss, heart attacks, stroke and even death. People who use meth seek […]

10-20-12 Category: Drug Rehab

I was curious about methamphetamine, so I tried it. The problem: you don’t really just try meth. I felt amazing after the first line. I wanted more. I was hooked from the first night. I was high any time I could be. It was affordable, easy to get, and an amazing rush. I would get […]

10-20-12 Category: Drug Rehab

When I started my junior year of high school, my group of friends and I were productive high school students during the week, and major party animals all weekend. Alcohol, weed, and cocaine turned into whatever anyone could get their hands on. I saw people shooting heroin, smoking crack, and snorting crystal meth. For me, […]

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