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Long term alcohol abuse literally shrinks the brain. Post mortems have shown that, in alcoholics, the brain is smaller and lighter than in non-alcoholics of the same age and gender. Non-invasive tests, such as MRI and CT scans have also shown this to be true in living alcoholics. Similarly, it has been discovered that addiction […]

The best rehab facility is not necessarily the most expensive – neither is it necessarily the cheapest. The best rehab facility is the one that delivers treatment specifically to meet the requirements of the individual. Far too many centers offer a ‘one size fits all’ program, which is an outdated approach and rarely provides the […]

04-06-11 Category: Chronic Pain, Mental Health

According to a survey, carried out by The American Psychological Association, stress is taking its toll on Los Angeles residents, even more than the rest of Americans nationwide. Los Angeles residents are more likely to suffer from chronic health conditions related to stress, such as obesity, asthma, chronic nonspecific pain and arthritis. Stress has been […]

As it turns out, spending time on Facebook and other social media sites may be doing you more harm than the mere waste of a few hours. Experts are increasingly recognizing the link between time spent on social networking platforms and the depressive state. According to a new study by the University of Leeds, in […]

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