December 2010 - Sovereign Health Group

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There are many addiction treatment facilities in Orange County, California.  Choosing a drug rehab in California can be difficult, but there are some elements of quality addiction treatment to look for when choosing a drug rehab for you or a loved one. One of the primary things to look for, when choosing a drug rehab […]

12-17-10 Category: Addiction Treatment

Salvia Divinorum (SALVIA), also known as Diviner’s Sage, is reportedly what Miley Cyrus smoked recently and which has been receiving a lot of attention.  It is a psychoactive plant that can be purchased easily and cheaply. Like K2 and SPICE, Salvia is a recreational drug that is attractive to underage teenagers.  It produces a psychedelic […]

12-16-10 Category: Addiction Treatment, Drug Rehab

The holidays are a difficult time for people in recovery.  People suffering from addiction and alcoholism are subjected to family triggers during certain times of the year that can sometimes result in relapse.  One of the most common and powerful triggers for alcoholics and addicts is their family. Unfortunately, an alcoholic’s family system is more […]

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