November 2010 - Sovereign Health Group

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11-19-10 Category: Addiction Treatment

A new form Spice is now available over the internet ? in liquid form.  The Liquid Spice advertisement details how it can be used to get you high, using any common vaporizer. Liquid Spice is powerful and intoxicating.  It is more powerful than THC and does not show up on the usual drug tests used […]

11-19-10 Category: Addiction Treatment

Idaho has now made it illegal to sell, buy and smoke Spice, or K2.  As outlined in previous articles, Spice is marketed as an incense. But no one actually uses it for incense? they use it to get high, much in the same way that people do not buy Nitrous Oxide at head shops to […]

11-15-10 Category: Addiction Treatment

Aftercare monitoring services in the addiction treatment industry are eclectic and diverse.  There are many aftercare monitoring services available to former drug rehab patients. Many of the services offered in addiction aftercare monitoring programs include case management and urinalysis testing ? but these are inadequate when it comes to monitoring a drug addict’s schedule, meeting […]

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