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09-21-10 Category: Addiction Treatment, Drug Rehab

A LESSON IN LOGIC: Drugs affect the brain.  The brain controls behavior.  Therefore, when someone does drugs, their behavior is affected.  In addiction treatment we believe that the reverse is true as well. This is called the logical biconditional (sometimes known as the material biconditional) and it is the logical connective of two statements asserting […]

09-21-10 Category: Addiction Treatment

Commentary: There are new reality shows in the works that deal with eating disorders and/or peculiar eating habits.  E! Entertainment is releasing a six part series on eating disorders that is supposed to be very good.  This is a deviation from E!’s usual shallow content.  Rumor is that they are also creating a rehab reality show that […]

09-16-10 Category: Addiction Treatment, Drug Rehab

Transitional Living Drug Rehab The Transitional Living Program at Sovereign Health of California is a program designed for people who have completed our primary addiction treatment program. Transitional Living is not ‘Sober Living’, but is a step up from traditional sober living. The transitional program for addicts and alcoholics in recovery involves a lower level […]

09-14-10 Category: Addiction Treatment, Mental Health

Neurofeeback uses real-time information, to the clinician and the patient, of EEG activity. The goal of neurofeedback is to help a person regulate their central nervous system activity. In addiction treatment, neurofeedback is often used to help regulate the addict’s ‘triggers’. Triggers are people, places and things that create desires in the addict to use […]

Substance and process addictions (i.e., sex, gambling, etc.) have a common etiology, or stem from a common place. Generally speaking, all addictions arise out of the same place in the brain. Addiction is essentially a thought disorder related to memory and recall. At Sovereign Health’s drug rehab center, located in Orange County, California, we focus […]

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