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Biofeedback/neurofeedback, in conjunction with conventional treatments for Drug and Alcohol addiction, has proved more efficacious in treating addiction patients as compared to conventional treatment alone. Neurofeedback, also known as electroencephalography (EEG), is a form of biofeedback therapy, which measures brain wave activity. A significant enhancement in the recovery rate and a decrease in the dropout […]

08-23-10 Category: Chronic Pain

This patient was lucky to find and undergo treatment at an interdisciplinary pain clinic, where his depression and anxiety were treated with individual, family and psychoeducational group therapy; his high autonomic arousal with biofeedback; his poor body mechanics, deconditioning, poor body alignment and image with physical therapy and biofeedback.  Within about eight weeks his pain […]

08-20-10 Category: Chronic Pain

The following is based on information from an article written by Dr. Barry Aaronson. A 73 year old retired hi-tech photographer worked most of his life at NASA.  He was diagnosed with mildly herniated discs in his lower back (lumbar area) and was on heavy medication (OxyContin; Elevil to sleep and valium, a muscle relaxant […]

08-18-10 Category: Chronic Pain

Many health care professionals fail to recognize the complexity of pain and believe it can be identified by the presence or absence of physical findings (e.g. tissue damage), prior emotional problems or secondary gain (e.g. not wanting to work), which is rare. As a result, countless individuals have been informed that “the pain is in […]

08-16-10 Category: Chronic Pain

Biofeedback can play a crucial role in the diagnosis and treatment of a number of disorders, especially chronic pain and the addictive disorders. Chronic pain can be reduced greatly with the proper use of biofeedback technology. In the case of the addictive disorders, biofeedback/neurofeedback, when used in conjunction with conventional treatments, has proven to be […]

08-13-10 Category: Alcohol Addiction

Impaired short term memory and learning As in the case of dementia not associated with alcohol, individuals suffering from alcohol induced dementia may have no difficulty recalling events that happened years back, meaning they have intact remote memory, but will have difficulty recalling recent events. Alcohol induced dementia victims may have trouble recalling events that […]

08-11-10 Category: Alcohol Addiction

When we say the word Dementia, the first thing that comes to mind is Alzheimer’s disease. There are many types of dementia, with Alzheimer’s being the most common cause in the United States. You probably knew this, but what you may not have been aware of is that the second most common cause of dementia […]

08-06-10 Category: Alcohol Addiction

Part II – Taking Control of and Managing the Affected Individual’s Life Apart from empathizing with the individual suffering from alcohol induced brain disorders and trying to deal with the various disease symptoms effectively, caring for the affected individual also requires the family members and caregivers to exercise some control over his or her life. […]

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