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07-29-10 Category: Alcohol Addiction

Alcohol Amnestic Disorder Primarily a memory disorder, as the name suggests, Alcohol Amnestic Disorder is typically a consequence of chronic alcohol dependence. As with all amnestic disorders, it is characterized by memory loss, more specifically: Inability to create new memories after the onset of the disease (Anterograde Amnesia) Some difficulty recalling past events, especially just […]

07-15-10 Category: Alcohol Addiction

Part II – Importance of cognitive assessment and remediation in treatment and recovery from alcoholism Despite the prevalence and seriousness of cognitive impairment in alcoholism, together with the fact that it can be reversed, cognitive assessment and remediation is not always included in treatment programs for alcoholism. Not only should cognitive impairment in alcoholism be […]

07-15-10 Category: Alcohol Addiction

Cognitive Assessment and Remediation in Treatment of Alcoholism Part I – Reversing impaired cognitive functioning caused by excessive drinking Brain damage and cognitive impairment is a common and serious consequence of excessive drinking –  but it can be reversed! Some impairment might improve on its own over time, with cessation of drinking, whilst some can be […]

07-14-10 Category: Alcohol Addiction

What causes Cognitive Impairment in Alcoholism? When asking the question – “What causes cognitive impairment in alcoholism?” the first thing that comes to mind is the intoxicating effects of alcohol on the mind and body. However, intoxication is only one of the reasons that cognitive impairments in alcoholism might occur.

07-14-10 Category: Alcohol Addiction

Cognitive Impairment and Alcoholism Almost all of us know from experience – either from our own or those around us – that alcohol affects the brain. Those of us who drink have at least once experienced being intoxicated by alcohol and are aware of the effects, both positive (the high) and negative (hangover or being drunk and […]

07-08-10 Category: Chronic Pain

Chronic Pain and Depression Depression is often associated with chronic pain because of the nature, duration and effects chronic pain can have on the life of the individual. Chronic pain can persist for months, even years, if not diagnosed and treated correctly. The presence of pain for such long durations can impact upon many aspects of […]

07-07-10 Category: Chronic Pain

Chronic Pain is real and is always experienced in response to something ? even when there is no physical evidence that can be established. There is always some physiological, neurological or psychological basis that exists, even when we can’t see it. Normal ageing, previous injury, disease conditions, nerve damage, psychological factors ? any or all […]

07-02-10 Category: Chronic Pain

Complaints and Disease symptoms Chronic pain can manifest itself in a wide variety of ways. Headaches, lower back pain, neck pain, joint pain, muscle pain, arthritis pain and cancer pain are the most common complaints with regard to chronic pain. While chronic pain affects everyone differently, common symptoms include: Constant or intermittent pain Tension Anxiety/Depression […]

07-02-10 Category: Chronic Pain

Pain Pain is a normal sensation, felt by the body, which is triggered by the nervous system in response to an injury inside or outside the body, or to possible injury. It makes you aware of the need to look after the part of the body that is injured – or which might develop an […]

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