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04-19-10 Category: Addiction Treatment

What is the most effective treatment for addiction? Whilst many treatment programs and approaches are available to treat individuals who are addicted, effective treatment programs involve not one but a combination of many approaches, tailored ot meet the specific needs of the individual. Addiction treatment broadly involves treating withdrawal symptoms, getting the individual to restrain […]

04-19-10 Category: Addiction Treatment

This quiz can help you learn more about your use of alcohol and whether or not you may have  a alcohol problem. It is called AUDIT (Alcohol Use Disorders Identification Test) and was developed by the World Health Organization.

04-19-10 Category: Addiction Treatment

Physical Signs and Symptoms Reddening of the white area in the eyes, dilated or constricted or pupils Runny Nose, droopy or watery eyes Difficulty breathing, shallow or increased respiration Excessive sweating, hot or cold flushes Headaches, stomach cramps, aches or pains in other parts of the body Nausea, vomiting or diarrhea Little or no appetite […]

04-16-10 Category: Addiction Treatment

How can I help a loved one suffering from Addiction? Your loved one will need treatment and support to overcome an addiction problem and you can play a crucial role in seeking treatment for them and in their recovery, provided they want to get better. 

04-16-10 Category: Drug Rehab

The success of treatment lies in relapse prevention and this is where family can play an important role. Most patients are able to remain sober whilst undergoing treatment, because of the close supervision and structured environment they are in, especially when in rehab. The real challenge arises in ensuring recovering patients maintain sobriety once they […]

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