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Sovereign Health of California provides treatment for alcoholism, drug addiction, mental health conditions and dual diagnosis (co-occurring substance abuse and mental illness). We offer residential and outpatient treatment programs for adolescents and adults. We provide support groups for families. We have treatment facilities in San Clemente, Culver City and Palm Springs.

Our substance abuse and behavioral health programs treat the addiction, the behavior and the underlying causes feeding both. Sovereign Health combines traditional clinical therapies with new modalities, such as brain mapping, to ensure our clients have access to the best treatment available.

Financial concerns should never prevent someone from getting help for substance abuse or behavioral or mental health problem. Sovereign Health accepts most insurance. We also offer financing options. We invite you to view testimonials from former clients. Each describes a situation probably not unlike your own. With Sovereign’s help, they reclaimed their lives. As can you.


  • Dual Diagnosis Dual Diagnosis

    The dual diagnosis treatment program at Sovereign Health specializes in treating both the addiction and mental health conditions concurrently. The program utilizes evidence-based treatment modalities combined with a holistic focus for a well-balanced recovery.

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  • Mental Health Mental Health

    Sovereign Health’s licensed mental health program is founded on comprehensive psychiatric assessments and evidence-based treatments. Some of the conditions we treat include depression, anxiety, bipolar disorder, schizoaffective disorder, post-traumatic stress disorder, in addition to other psychological illnesses.

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  • Natural Assisted Detox BR+ Natural Detox

    Natural Assisted Detox, NAD, is an innovative approach that eases the discomfort of withdrawal, reduces cravings and speeds up the detox process. Use of NAD therapy is evidence-based, and has been shown to increase the success rate for long-term recovery when followed with traditional forms of therapy for substance abuse.

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  • Behavioral Health Behavioral Health

    We specialize in behavioral health treatment for a variety of different disorders. Behavioral health is an umbrella term that encompasses the continuum of mental health conditions that can negatively affect a person’s life, including how he or she thinks, feels and acts.

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  • Drug Addiction Drug Addiction

    Abuse of both prescription and illegal drugs is a serious problem because chronic abuse alters a person’s brain. Through holistic therapy programs, Sovereign Health provides comprehensive assessment and treatment for drug addiction as well as any underlying mental health issues.

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  • Alcohol Addiction Sovereign Academy

    Sovereign Health offers clinical treatment for people struggling with all levels of alcohol addiction. The individualized programs accommodate each patient’s needs. They address any co-occurring disorders or underlying causes of their drinking, as well as the alcohol addiction itself.

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    The Sovereign Health Group’s mission has been to provide a broad spectrum of high quality behavioral health treatment services. Sovereign Health’s treatment programs specialize in addressing underlying mental health conditions.

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  • “There was more than just therapy. There were life skills that were taught and everyone here cared genuinely.”

    – Holly
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