Sovereign Academy

At Sovereign Health, we offer specialized mental health, substance abuse and dual diagnosis disorder treatment tailor-made for the unique issues of each patient. Our comprehensive programs begin at admission, where our expert staff conduct a thorough assessment for any potential co-occurring conditions in order to create an accurate diagnosis so that each patient gets the right treatment.

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Sovereign Academy

Sovereign Academy has been designed as a part of our extended care program to offer clients with dual diagnosis, mental health, and/or eating disorders an option to receive education while in a therapeutic and supportive treatment environment.

Sovereign Academy offers three educational tracks that will help clients develop life skills, create confidence and begin developing educational and career plans for a brighter future.

Requirements for Admissions

Clients need to have at least 30 days of treatment at Sovereign Health Primary Care Program or another treatment facility prior to admission to Sovereign Academy.

Academic Track Options

Clients have the option of enrolling in either:

  1. High School Diploma or GED
  2. CAADAC (Drug & Alcohol Counseling Certification)
  3. University of California at Irvine

Program Components Include:

  • Housing
  • Food
  • Transportation
  • Personalized Case Management, that includes transcript evaluation, course scheduling and academic monitoring and support
  • Administration of the Career Assessment Inventory and career guidance
  • Proctored Study Groups
  • Daily Group Therapy Sessions
  • Weekly Individual Tutoring Sessions
    (Additional private tutoring also available at additional cost)
  • Weekly Individual Therapy Sessions
  • 12-step meetings
  • Medication Management
  • Psychiatrist appointments available on a monthly basis
  • Random drug testing

Program Expectations:

  • The Academy Program takes in a number of students from a variety of academic backgrounds from students needing to complete high school to masters level college students.
  • The goal is NOT to ace astrophysics, but instead to get back into a routine, establishing accountability and responsibility for the student and allowing the brain to gradually acclimate to the learning process. It is about boosting self-esteem and self-worth of the client by successfully starting and FINISHING something (which many have not done in some time).
  • The student will learn in a highly structured environment with the support of an individual tutor that will meet with him/her weekly. He/she will be mandated to attend 3 study groups a week proctored by the tutor.
  • Our tutor is master’s level specializing in assisting students who may experience difficulties or barriers to learning and they have extensive experience working with individuals in recovery.
  • The case managers and tutor will know the students syllabus and class to aid in keeping the student accountable.
  • Life Skills and Study Skills groups will be mandatory for the student to attend to help reintegrate him/her into life. The life skills group will focus on topics such as time management, budgeting, social skills, decision making, job interviewing, resume writing etc. The study skills group helps students learn effective tools to learn from organizational skills, how to avoid procrastination, dealing and coping with a learning impairment, time management, writing skills etc.
  • The academy offers Career Assessment Inventory Testing to help the student narrow and focus their areas of interest to help them develop goals for possible career choices and areas of study for college or trade schools.

Benefits Of Education While In Treatment

Getting sober and navigating treatment is not easy. Incorporating alternative activities into life without substances is a huge help in the process. Yoga and meditation are great ways to get in touch with the body and soul. Learning new coping skills helps when a craving or a trigger come up and activities like art therapy and equine therapy offer other ways to get to know yourself, your past and your pain.

Attending classes for either the completion of a high school diploma, a GED, a Drug & Alcohol Counseling Certification or working toward a college degree stretches your mind even more. Your dedication to completing what you started is also a reason to continue your success in rehab, and your long-term recovery afterwards.

Speaking with a career counselor and even discussing your future plans with your individual counselor while in treatment, can solidify the goals you have for yourself. Nothing needs to be set in stone, but when you are working toward something, you have more reason to do well in rehab.

Sovereign Health Group

Our treatment team uses a bio-psycho-social model of treatment, meaning all aspects of your needs are accurately assessed and addressed. Our main goal is to is to provide high quality, focused, individualized treatment to those seeking help while maintaining the highest levels of skill and ethics. Sovereign Health Group’s ability to offer Sovereign Academy is because of the staff’s dedication to the overall needs of each and every client.

To determine what academic track is right for you in order to receive the best help possible, the treatment planning process begins with an identification of all underlying issues of distress that have led you to chemicals and various forms of destructive behavior. Your individual treatment plan then integrates life-changing experiences that facilitate your rebirth. Your sense of self and purpose, plus your perceived personal value and power and what is possible in your future, are rekindled, repaired and raised to new levels.

Our planning staff works from a variety of methods and types of treatment, including the medical model, cognitive behavioral, social model and one-to-one therapy. We tailor a unique program to each individual, again, after a careful assessment process, because our experience has taught us that every patient is different and therefore has a very different set of needs. Our unique approach has made us one of the most popular dual diagnosis treatment centers in the great state of California.

Each rehab patient’s journey at Sovereign Health Group begins with a sensitive acceptance and respect for his or her uniqueness which includes a comprehensive look at how an education can positively impact your time with us.

Why Choose Sovereign Health Group?

We are certified by the State of California Drug and Alcohol Programs (ADP) to operate and maintain a day treatment and/or other drug abuse recovery or treatment facilities. In Addition we are licensed by ADP for detoxification and residential treatment. We were awareded and maintain an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau, the best rating a company can earn.

Our dual diagnosis center has received the Gold Seal of Approval from the Joint Commission, the standards of which are much more rigorous than those required by the ADP.

Joint Commission accreditation means many important things, including that our treatment center offers the following:

  • Improves quality, safety and overall healthcare experience for patients, families and staff.
  • Educates staff regarding best practices and improves business operations, reducing risks.
  • Provides professional advice and boosts the quality of staff recruitment and development.

What’s Left to Ponder?

Which education track is right for you? Do you need to finish high school? Are you ready for the Drug & Alcohol Counselling Certification, or would you rather enroll in some college classes at the University of California at Irvine? The choice is yours and the world is at your fingertips.

Further your education while healing!

Call the Admissions Staff at Sovereign Health Group of California Today to Learn More 866-629-0442.

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