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Mental Health Treatment Center

Being diagnosed with a mental illness does not signify the end of a normal life. In reality, for those who receive the correct treatment, living with a mental illness is possible. There are multiple forms of mental illnesses and disorders, which is why a treatment method needs to be tailored to the individual.

The Sovereign Health Group offers treatment programs designed around the individual needs of the patient while also treating any other co-occurring illnesses. Through dual-diagnosis, professionally trained staff at Sovereign will treat any other conditions such as substance abuse and addiction, which can undermine treatment.

With multiple forms of therapy and holistic treatment methods, Sovereign Health will establish a treatment built for the individual. The focus of treatment is to help the individual re-adjust to society through a network of support. The network of support starts with treatment at Sovereign Health. Do not hesitate to seek help today.

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When a person has a mental health disorder, it can have debilitating effects on their daily life. According to the National Alliance on Mental Illness, about 61 million Americans live with some type of mental illness.

For those who seek treatment, visiting a psychologist or psychiatrist is not always enough. Many continually struggle, entering therapy programs and facilities without ever achieving a successful recovery. This cycle leads to frustration and feelings of hopelessness, which is why it is important that individuals find the right treatment program for their condition.

In other cases, people may attempt to self-medicate and deal with mental health issues on a daily bases. This self-medication can cause an addiction to the substance being abused, from alcohol to prescription drugs. People will receive treatment for only one condition and not realize the untreated one can cause relapse. The first step to receiving treatment for a mental illness is a proper diagnosis—which may mean a dual diagnosis of addiction and co-occurring mental disorder.

Mental health diagnosis

Due to the stigma of mental illness, people believe a diagnosis for an illness spells the end of their life. In reality, mental health treatment has come a long way and varies per individual. The methods of treatment depend on the type of disorder and the severity.

Some people do well just by attending group therapy and/or individualized psychotherapy while maintaining their regular life. Others may need additional treatment and support from a residential treatment center. These programs build a safe and secure atmosphere for patients to receive treatment.

Treatment at Sovereign Health

The Sovereign Health Group is licensed for mental health, while treating all underlying co-occurring disorders such as addiction, concurrently. Through developing an individualized treatment plan, Sovereign Health can treat the patient and not just the disorder.

We offer treatment programs for a large spectrum of issues including depression, anxiety disorders, bipolar disorder, schizophrenia, post-traumatic stress disorder, PTSD, trauma and more. In treating the patient and not just the illness, Sovereign Health educates patients on the skills necessary to live above the mental illness. Patients should not enter treatment with unrealistic standards as recovery is a process.

Each patient begins the intake process with a thorough assessment of medical and treatment history, along with a physical and psychiatric evaluation. The diagnosis is developed based off this information and helps to create the individual treatment plan for the patient. Mental health treatment includes a variety of therapy methods such as:

  • Individual therapy
  • Group therapy
  • Process groups
  • Cognitive behavioral therapy, or CBT
  • Expressive arts therapy and yoga

The Sovereign Health Group facility in San Clemente, California, uses neurofeedback, which maps brainwaves to learn the specific imbalances affecting the brain. The Sovereign Alumni program has a service known as TEAM, or Technology Enhanced Aftercare Monitoring, assisting patients as they enter a new healthy lifestyle.

The Sovereign Health Group will strive to use the treatment method which works for the individual. If you have any questions about our programs, speak to our admissions team using the 24/7 helpline. They are ready to help you or your loved one begin your journey to mental health.


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