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Sovereign Health of California is Joint Commission accredited and is licensed for mental health, with a focus on treating addictions concurrently, ensuring that we meet the highest standards of care. Sovereign Health is one of the leading residential treatment centers in California, offering an array of mental health, behavioral health and alcohol addiction and drug treatment program options.

We specialize in dual-diagnosis treatment, which concurrently treats all co-occurring conditions. At the Sovereign Health of California treatment center, you will receive a comprehensive assessment and holistic program tailored to your issues. Below is a list of the treatment programs we offer:

Dual-diagnosis treatment

When you have a substance abuse problem, you might find yourself repeatedly entering an alcohol or drug treatment center only to find yourself relapsing soon after you leave. This typically happens due to an underlying co-occurring condition that is not treated during your stay. Examples of co-occurring conditions include substance abuse combined with a mental disorder like depression or generalized anxiety disorder.

In order to make a full recovery, your treatment program must encompass treatment for all of your conditions. Our dual-diagnosis program is a clinically-based and balanced model for treating co-occurring conditions. As part of our comprehensive admissions process, we screen for all possible conditions in order to ensure we treat everything. We are one of the few California healthcare and treatment programs that feature a systematic program to care for each condition with equal and concurrent treatment to make full recovery possible.

In order to make a full recovery, your treatment program must encompass elements for all of your conditions. Our dual-diagnosis program is a clinically-based and balanced model for treating co-occurring conditions.

Drug treatment

If you find yourself suffering from a drug addiction, you will want to find a premiere drug treatment program like Sovereign Health. We offer a comprehensive and individualized treatment program to both detoxify and end dependence. We do more than just help you through withdrawal; we also offer therapy, programs and restorative activities to educate and rehabilitate to prevent a relapse once you leave our program. We believe in a holistic approach to rehabilitation for drug addiction, and we make every effort to treat any and all underlying and concurrent conditions. We also offer a natural detox therapy called Naturally-Assisted Detox (NAD) that restores brain function as you recover from your addiction.

Alcohol treatment

Untreated alcoholism can damage your health, your career, your family and your social life. Although you may feel that you can recover on your own, the detoxification process can actually be very dangerous to your health, which is why you should enroll in one of our alcohol and drug programs to assist you.

At Sovereign Health, we have trained medical staff to aid you in your recovery from alcohol to ensure you remain healthy. You can also opt for our natural detox therapy that restores your brain while helping you get through withdrawal faster with fewer symptoms. Not only do we monitor your physical condition, we offer numerous programs and activities that enhance your overall wellbeing, including our special brain wellness program. Our goal is for you to leave our center healthier in body, mind and soul than when you arrived.

Behavioral and mental health

We do not just treat substance abuse at Sovereign Health; we are also a healthcare and rehab provider specializing in behavioral and mental health. We offer treatment for a variety of disorders including depression, anxiety, post-traumatic stress disorder, paranoia, schizophrenia, bipolar disorder and other mental and behavioral health disorders. We provide both individual and group therapy sessions, along with experiential and alternative therapies, to help you recover or learn to manage your mental disorder. Additionally, we offer neuro and biofeedback, which uses brain mapping technology to restore balance in the brain.

Brain wellness

One of the unique aspects of all of our treatment programs is our brain wellness program, which many behavioral health care facilities do not offer. Those suffering from addiction or a mental health problem often have cognitive disabilities.

Through our brain wellness program, which trains the brain and brings it to its optimal working level through a cognitive rehabilitation program that utilizes CogTest and Neurobic, the damage is healed and the brain is restored. With improved cognitive abilities, a patient processes the information they learn during treatment better, thus benefiting from a stay at our facility even more.

Sovereign Health of California

If you are looking at facilities for a drug or alcohol rehab facility, help for your mental health issue or a depression treatment program, Sovereign Health can help, especially if you have a co-occurring condition. As one of the top behavioral health treatment programs in the country, we can help you regain control of your life and live the life you have always wanted.

If you or a loved one struggles with a co-occurring addiction and mental health condition, contact us today to learn more about our dual-diagnosis treatment. Our staff will discuss the admissions process, payment policy and insurance coverage with you. We accept most insurance plans, which allow us to be one of the affordable dual-diagnosis inpatient treatment providers. View addiction, dual-diagnosis and mental health reviews from past patients who wanted to share their experience of hope and recovery with you. Call for a free confidential assessment at 866-629-0442.

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