Club Drugs Addiction Treatment Center

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Club Drugs Addiction Treatment Center

Addiction to Club Drugs is an increasing problem in the U.S., especially among young people aged 15-25. Club drugs include ecstasy, GHB, special k (Ketamine) and LSD.

You can often see club drugs being used at raves – those large parties, in remote locations, that attract thousands of partygoers. However, just because a person attends raves does not necessarily mean that person is also involved with club drugs.

The most dangerous and physically damaging of the club drugs is GHB. Originally marketed and sold through body-building outlets and mail order under a variety of brand names, GHB or gamma-hydroxy-buterol was eventually driven underground by recent crackdowns. Today, it’s sold under various names, in 32 ounce plastic bottles, from under the counter at disreputable establishments.

Users of GHB appear to be unresponsive and confused. They quickly develop a tolerance to the drug so, not surprisingly, overdoses are common, which often lead to death. GHB detox is difficult and lengthy. It is often many weeks before GHB detox is complete and users appear normal.

Ecstasy is chemically related to methamphetamines. It usually comes in the form of a tablet, resembling an aspirin, only larger. It may also be available in powder form. The effects of ecstasy are similar to that of heroin. Ecstasy is also a hallucinogenic drug and users may be awake for long periods. Ecstasy may also contain other substances such as heroin or methamphetamines. It has been reported that users of ecstasy may develop clinical depression after only a few doses. This depression may be irreversible but can be treated through medication and therapy. Ecstacy has been known to be fatal with just one dose!

Ketamine, also known as special k, is a veterinary tranquilizing drug that is stolen from clinics. It’s an especially dangerous drug, with effects similar to PCP or ‘angel dust.’ Ketamine can have long term damaging effects on the brain. Detox is lengthy and may involve medication.

The bottom line to these seemingly innocent (at first glance) drugs is that breaking the addiction is not a short or easy process. The club drugs detox process needs to be carefully planned, closely monitored and personalized to the patient. That’s where we come in at Sovereign Health of California.

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