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How to Tell if a Friend Has an Eating Disorder

When someone you care about starts to lose a lot of weight you might wonder what is really going on with them and become worried about their health and happiness.  There is no need to confront them unless you feel you can really tell that they have serious anorexia symptoms.  You should look for signs to make sure that they have a problem, for example if you never really see them eat a meal or they make excuses and avoid eating around their friends and family.  They may have strange rituals when they eat such as cutting their food into tiny pieces and only eating a little at a time.  If they appear very thin and yet still complain that they are overweight or fat then this is a red flag and one of the major signs of anorexia.  Eating disorders most often involve some form of distorted self-image that drives a person to extreme measures of weight loss.  If you find your friend telling you that they want to lose weight even when they look very thin then you should talk to them about getting help.         

If you think your friend definitely has many of the symptoms of anorexia then you should tell them about treatment centers in your area that can help them.  They may not understand how much they are really hurting themselves with their behavior and the dangers of health problems that they could have in the future.  If you help them to see how worried you are about them and their health then they might eventually admit that they have a problem and an obsession with food and their weight.  It could take some time for them to relinquish their control over their diet but with the right kind of treatment they can improve their condition over time.