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What is a Dual Diagnosis Facility and How Does it Help?

Most people are not very familiar with the terms “dual disorder” or “dual diagnosis” but these are important aspects of the world of addiction rehab. More and more people than ever find that their addiction to drugs or alcohol is coupled with a mental illness such as depression, anxiety, bi polar disorder or even more severe problems like schizophrenia. A dual diagnosis facility is a safe place where they can treat both the addiction that they have and the mental illness that they are suffering from. Without help from a dual diagnosis treatment program they may not be able to fully recover because more general types of rehab do not cater toward people with mental illnesses. Many people who attempt to get treatment that is not adequate enough find that they have return to rehab again and again because their problems with their mental illness are not being fully addressed. This is why dual diagnosis was developed and why it is so important in the community of addiction treatment.

If you need help from dual diagnosis rehab then there are plenty of facilities locally that will provide you with high quality treatment. Going to rehab can be a very fulfilling experience as long as you feel very comfortable and well-cared for. A facility that understands your particular mental illness and its relationship to your addiction can help you get through the difficult portions of recovery and once you leave you will find that you are better prepared to cope with your symptoms. You can learn to avoid doing any kind of drugs ever again and realize that sobriety is the best choice if you are suffering from a mental illness.