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Alcohol Does Not Treat Anxiety

Many people that suffer from anxious feelings and have trouble in social situations may have a drink or two to take the edge off.  But when you begin using alcohol to ease your anxiety at all times you may begin to develop a problem.  The reason that this association of easing anxiety with alcohol is so dangerous is that drinking can actually worsen symptoms of anxiety over time.  It may temporarily relax you to have a drink but in the end it could really make matters more of a problem.  The best way to treat anxiety is to go to an anxiety treatment center and receive therapy that will help you get through your symptoms. 

Substance Abuse and Anxiety

Receiving medication and therapy sessions for your feelings of anxiety is helpful but may not be enough if you have been conditioned to drink while you are anxious.  You may need to receive alcohol treatment as well as anxiety treatment.  Alcohol detox centers can help you quit drinking alcohol as a means of relieving anxious feelings.  It begins with abstaining from the consumption of alcohol but continues through rehab programs and therapy sessions.  Learning new ways of dealing with anxiety is one way to get through cravings as you go through the journey of learning to quit.  If you have been using any other drugs as a release from anxiety as well as alcohol it might be a good idea to go through drugs detox.  It is healthier for you to go completely clean when you are dealing with a mental illness because any substances that you might be using or tempted to use can harm your condition further.