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Quitting Heroin Abuse with Substitute Drugs

The first crucial step towards recovery is, of course, detox which should be made as comfortable and pain free as possible. One option that proves to be effective for many patients is to simply substitute the heroin with another type of drug that will essentially wean them off of their addiction. The most common of these is methadone, but there are other choices such as suboxone treatment which is an equally effective alternative. Suboxone makes the detox process much less painful because it lessens the body’s reaction to withdrawal and does not create the heroin-like euphoria that methadone often can. This means a patient is less likely to simply replace their addiction with another drug; they can remain comfortable and leave addiction behind them at the same time.

Not all types of heroin treatment are right for everyone; it depends on the person and the particular situation they are in. For some patients a substitute drug does not eliminate their addiction and they end up relapsing after leaving treatment. For others this type of treatment is very effective and they remain sober for years because of these helpful types of drugs. It is up to the patient to decide what might work best for them, based on the severity and length of their addiction. For some people the pain of detox helps them to avoid ever wanting to go through it again and they are burned clean of their addictive behavior.