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Alcohol Addiction Rehab Treatment Center

Do you or loved one suffer from the inability to stop drinking once started? If you answered yes, this is a common struggle among most people who suffer from alcoholism. The withdrawal symptoms that occur once a tolerance is developed or the drinking has stopped include the shakes, sweating, memory loss, erratic behavior, or strong cravings for alcohol. If this is happening with you personally or someone you know, it is time to seek alcohol detox treatment in California (CA). Alcohol addiction is detrimental to a person’s physical health, emotional wellbeing, and mental capacity. It can also damage relationships with family and friends. Although a person can begin the path to sobriety on his or her own, that is a difficult and even dangerous task. It is better to enter one of the alcohol abuse rehabilitation centers, like Sovereign Health Group, to have the necessary medical support and therapy to finally detox from alcohol addiction. Chat Live Now   to answer your questions or Call 866-819-2948 for a free confidential assessment.

Why you need to Enter Rehabilitation Treatment Center?

Although support groups and private therapy can help treat addiction, sobriety is best achieved by going through an alcohol rehabilitation treatment center in CA, such as Sovereign Health. Detoxification from alcohol addiction is considered dangerous and can be fatal, which makes it important to have the process monitored by a doctor, which can be done through alcohol rehab centers inpatient care.

Addiction to alcohol is considered a disease, and it worsens when left untreated. The body builds tolerance to the alcohol, meaning it needs an ever-increasing amount to achieve the same effect. Additionally, the body becomes reliant upon the alcohol in order to function, leading to a physical dependence that must be broken through detoxification before a person can reach true sobriety. However, when people begin to withdraw from alcohol, there are a variety of potentially dangerous symptoms including seizure, vomiting, hallucinations, high blood pressure and anxiety, making proper treatment essential.

Alcohol is a substance for which detox is considered life-threatening. If a person is at risk of seizure because the physical dependence on alcohol has reached a high level, he or she must be stabilized medically to ensure safety during the detox process. The American Society of Addiction Medicine, or ASAM, provides guidelines that state anyone who drinks at least 16 ounces of 80% proof alcohol daily is at risk and must be monitored during alcohol detox. Therefore, it is essential to enter Sovereign Health alcohol rehab center in California for your treatment. At Sovereign Health, we offer detoxification as well as a natural detox treatment program called Brain Restoration plus, which restores your brain and minimizes the withdrawal process without the use of medicine. Learn more about Brain Restoration by visiting or by calling 866-819-2948.

What to Expect from an Alcohol Addiction Recovery Center?

There are numerous alcohol addiction treatment centers, each with their own programs and treatment philosophies. When you search for the right alcohol addiction treatment program for your situation, there are some considerations you should keep in mind. First, there should be medical staff in place to monitor the detoxification from the alcohol. Additionally, there should be a program in place to treat more than just the addiction. Often, there are other issues underlying alcohol abuse that increase the risk of relapse if left untreated. Through a dual diagnosis treatment program at one of the alcohol rehab centers in California, like Sovereign Health, all underlying conditions will be treated, decreasing the risk of succumbing to addiction once again.

The Drug and Alcohol Rehab Program at Sovereign Health

Sovereign Health is one of the best alcohol rehab centers in the world. We are Joint Commission Accredited and Dually Licensed for Addiction and Mental Health offering a high standard and quality of patient care. The Drug and Alcohol treatment offers individualized plans that treat the patient holistically, not just addressing the disease or addiction. When a patient first enters one of our drug and alcohol rehab centers, our expert staff will conduct a thorough assessment to identify any co-occurring conditions. These could be an underlying mental disorder such as depression or anxiety that causes a person to drink. Alternatively, it could be an eating disorder or drug problem that exists along with the alcoholism. Sovereign Health is also among the top drug rehab centers, eating disorder and mental health clinics, specializing in dual diagnosis treatment, so you will get the treatment you need for all concurrent conditions. Chat Live Now   to discuss options and learn more.

We offer many therapeutic programs to enhance a person’s treatment while at our facility. Along with individual psychotherapy, we offer group programs and alternative therapies such as equine, art, music, yoga, and meditation to treat all issues. What really sets us apart is our cognition therapy. Heavy drinking damages the brain and brain function, which not only affects a person’s life, it also makes recovery more difficult. Our brain wellness program increases the cognitive abilities and restores the brain to wellness. We also offer an excellent aftercare treatment to ensure patients have all the necessary support to return to their life and excel in their goals and dreams.

Sovereign Health offers a school program for those who are interested in pursuing education options while in treatment. This program is called Sovereign Academy and is available for all of our patients. Learn more by visiting our Sovereign Academy page or by calling us at 866-819-2948.

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If you are looking for affordable West Coast drug and alcohol rehab centers for yourself or a loved one, then you will want to contact Sovereign Health. We accept most major insurance policies and work with you to create a treatment program that works for your situation. We offer treatment in one of our beautiful and comfortable residences in the beachside town of San Clemente, CA. It is not just celebrity drugs and alcohol addiction that can be treated through a VIP stay at an alcohol and drug addiction recover center.

If you or a loved one struggles with a co-occurring addiction and mental health condition, contact us today to learn more about our Orange County and Los Angeles California Alcohol treatment locations. Our staff will discuss the admissions process, payment policy, and insurance coverage with you. We accept most insurance plans up front, which allow us to be one of the affordable alcohol and drug inpatient treatment centers in CA. Call for a free confidential assessment at 866-819-2948 or Chat Live 24/7  

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