Intervention – Dual Diagnosis Clinics

At Sovereign Health, we offer specialized mental health, substance abuse and dual diagnosis disorder treatment tailor-made for the unique issues of each patient. Our comprehensive programs begin at admission, where our expert staff conduct a thorough assessment for any potential co-occurring conditions in order to create an accurate diagnosis so that each patient gets the right treatment.

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Intervention – Dual Diagnosis Clinics

An intervention is a way of helping someone realizes that they need professional help with addiction, whether it is alcohol or drugs.

Many addicts are ‘in denial’ – refusing to accept that they have a problem, or that they need help. An intervention, carried out by one of the professional interventionists at Sovereign Health of California, can convince the individual that they have a dangerous dependency that is damaging not only their health but their relationships with family and friends.

Our interventions are carried out in a relaxed and warm environment with assistance from family and friends to persuade the individual to accept treatment and support to regain their former life and move back into society.

When Is Intervention Necessary?

If you wait until the person you love admits that they have a problem and require help, you will be waiting a very long time – possibly until it is too late! If you know that your loved one has a problem and that their health, relationships and life in general are being affected, then it is possible that one of the interventionists here, at Sovereign Health of California can help. Our interventionists serve as mediators between family, friends and the intended patient during a non-judgmental form of confrontation designed to help the addict realize that they need professional help to cure their dependency.

Preparing for the Intervention

At a pre-intervention meeting, our interventionist will involve the probable attendees in a series of role play scenarios, to prepare them for any likely situations during the intervention. You cannot force anyone into rehab but, with professional help from one of our interventionists, an addict can be persuaded that they need treatment and help and that they need to enter our facility at Sovereign Health of California.

The Right Time for Intervention

Intervention should be carried out as early as possible. Once you realize that a loved one has a serious dependency, the sooner they are persuaded to get help the less time it takes for them to achieve a successful recovery. If they continuously refuse to seek help, then it is time to call in the professionals. At Sovereign Health of California, we can help.

Our Intervention Method Works

Clients who have entered treatment at Sovereign Health of California following intervention have just as high a success rate of successful recovery as those who come to us voluntarily. As well as professional intervention, we offer state-licensed detox along with 30, 60 and 90 day residential programs – each of which is tailored to the individual’s requirements.

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