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Financing for our Behavioral Health Services

Sovereign Health Group accepts all PPO and most HMO insurance plans for our services, as well as private pay patients. When a person calls and speaks with our Admissions team, they will go over the health care insurance options. The Admissions team member will discuss what benefits are available for a person, and what financial obligations might still be due. You can learn more about which private health insurance plans cover the programs at Sovereign Health here.

Although Sovereign Health strives to be an affordable option by accepting insurance and creating a financial package that works with the patient, not everyone’s insurance will cover the cost. With the Affordable Healthcare Act, health care insurance must cover behavioral health services as “essential benefits,” but the extent of benefits vary based on the plan. For those who do not have insurance, whose insurance benefits run out, or who do not wish to use insurance, we accept private payment.

If a person cannot afford the cost of treatment, there are financing options available. We have researched the companies offering financing for healthcare services, and have found the following to be the most reliable. The best financing option will be based on an individual’s financial and personal situation, so it is best to compare different offers before choosing. These companies will create a financial package catered to a person’s financial situation and requirements. However, there is no guarantee that financing will be available or a reasonable solution for a person.

The companies listed below are not associated with Sovereign Health Group, and although we feel they are reliable financing companies, we do not have any relationship with them.

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Financing for Drug/Alcolhol Rehab Services