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Frequently Asked Questions


Where is Sovereign Health of California located?

Sovereign Health of California is located in the beautiful Southern California beach community of San Clemente. You will find our clinical office at
1211 Puerta Del Sol
San Clemente CA 92673

What conditions do you treat?

We treat a variety of conditions, including programs on dual diagnosis, chemical dependency, eating disorders, chronic pain, behavioral health issues and trauma and post traumatic stress disorder treatment. If you or a loved one has a condition that is not listed on our website, please contact us. We do treat unlisted conditions – there are simply too many to list!

What therapies do you provide?

We utilize the latest methods and technologies in all of our programs. Based on the patient’s needs, we may use CBT (cognitive behavioral therapy), timeline therapy, and brain wellness techniques. Technology-wise, we have biofeedback, cognitive remediation and neurofeedback available.

What is dual diagnosis?

Dual diagnosis is a condition in which an individual has two separate but interrelated disorders. Most treatment centers only treat one disorder, and fail to even detect the other. Sovereign Health of California's dual diagnosis center specializes in identifying and treating dual diagnosis patients. For more information, please see our dual diagnosis page.

Will my addiction/treatment be kept confidential?

Absolutely. Sovereign Health of California will treat your information with utmost confidentiality. The testimonial videos have been recorded voluntarily and with written consent from the Sovereign Health graduates.

How are you different from other treatment centers?

We use multi-disciplinary treatment, which means all of our programs are designed to work together. We combine the latest, most effective methods of treatment to help our patients reach full recovery more quickly. From addiction to bipolar treatment and schizophrenia treatment, it’s why so many patients with challenges similar to yours come to us for help. Click here to see some of their testimonials.

How effective is your treatment?

We believe our methodologies are among the best in the industry – that’s why if you relapse after graduating from our 90 day treatment program, we’re offering you re-admittance into our program, free. For actual patient interviews, please see our testimonial videos.

What are your staff’s qualifications?

Our team consists of physicians, psychiatrists, licensed therapists, a registered dietician, licensed acupuncturists and counselors. In short, we have a diverse and highly qualified team of professionals. For more information, please see our staff bios.

Are you certified/licensed/credible?

Yes, we are all of the above. We have received the gold seal of approval from the Joint Commission, an A+ from the Better Business Bureau, and have received certification from the ADP. For more info on our credentials, please see our licensing page.

What are your treatment schedules like?

Please take a look at a sample treatment schedule. Do keep in mind, though, that every patient’s condition is unique, so each treatment schedule will be customized accordingly.

How long does treatment take?

It depends on the patient and severity of the condition, but we find that on average, recovery takes between 30 to 90 days.

What is the discharge process like?

The length and procedures of discharge will vary by patient, but in general, we provide outpatient and aftercare, including medication management and outpatient therapy, to our patients. We also help increase occupational or academic function by aiding in the search for college classes and community activities.


The Offsite Living Accommodations

Where will I stay?

Depending on what your condition is, you will be staying at one of our four living facilities:

  • The Pala House is for men in dual diagnosis treatment programs or chemical dependency.
  • The Calle Real House is for women with dual diagnosis.
  • The Las Rambles House is for eating disorders patients.
  • The Cordoba House is for Mental Health patients.
  • The sober living Orange County apartments are for people who have progressed through treatment.

What should I bring with me for my stay at Sovereign Health?

Please bring personal items such as clothing, toiletries, and shoes. We recommend you also bring books and a journal for your free time. Please do NOT bring unapproved drugs or cameras. For a more detailed list, please see the what to bring page.

Do you treat patients at the living facilities?

No, we do not provide any treatment at the living facilities. All of our treatment is provided at the clinical dual diagnosis therapy facility at the clinical office, located at 209 Avenida Fabricante.

Do patients have to make their own beds, clean the floors, and do other chores?

Yes. Developing a routine helps patients return to a state of life in which they habitually take care of themselves.

Are the patient rooms private?

Patients share their room with at least one other patient. We find that this helps patients develop camaraderie, which leads to mutual support through the healing process. If you would like a private room please discuss it with our admissions team.

Is there internet access?

There is internet access in the clinic, but not in the offsite living accommodations.

Are there phones available?

Patients are not permitted to use cell phones for the first phase (usually 7 days, but this could vary) of treatment. However, phone access is available upon arrival (for family check-in) and during business hours at the clinical suite.

Are there visitation hours?

Visits are not permitted, unless passes are approved by the primary therapist. HIPAA privacy laws prevent families and friends of patients from coming in freely.