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Employee Assistance Program

Employee Assistance Program

Your Challenge

As the advocate for a positive workplace you solidify the value each employee brings. This can be a challenge in today’s environment of corner cutting and cost saving with integration of programming at every doorstep. Your job as the Employee Assistance Professional has evolved. It is now your job to solidly demonstrate your position’s importance and contributions to the workers’ well-being and productivity. You must empirically demonstrate ROI of health and wellness programs that influence yield and reduce outlay. It is a strategic balancing act of resources.

At Sovereign Health, we recognize the demands placed upon your professional skills, personal reserves, and time. The burden of prevention and intervention lies with you for alcohol, drug, behavioral health, wellness, crisis intervention, work-life balance, legal/financial and much more.

Days missed from work: $

Months of meeting: $$

Nights of Negotiation: $$$

Helping to rebuild a family: Priceless

Your amazing understanding of human behavior and work performance got you here. However, the bottom line is often a number that is pleasing to those that only have time to review reports and not count souls. In order to preserve the service and keep your job, you must increase ROI, integrated programming and proof of value while minimizing workplace risk.

Drugs, alcohol and mental illness in the workplace cost American businesses billions of dollars annually. Balancing the effective, specific care your clients’ needs with their financial situation can be a challenge.

Our Solution

We have a solution to help you reduce your outlay for behavioral health services and improve your ROI. Our treatment program comes with a success guarantee. We have flexible rates for your insurance provider and will make consideration for your Private Fund. In addition, there are no costs for administrative services to you and in some cases no out-of-pocket expenses for your client. It is the goal of our team of professionals to provide you with all the support you need from pre-certification to monitoring.

Who is Sovereign Health

Sovereign Health of California Treatment Center is Southern California’s premier treatment facility, offering intensive treatment and supervision. Sovereign Health specializes in holistic and evidenced-based treatment interventions with customized living accommodations depending on the appropriate level of care. The multi-disciplinary team offers specialized care to patients who struggle with mental health disorders and/or chemical dependency or alcohol dependency. In addition, We serves patients with a primary diagnosis of anorexia or bulimia. All clinical services are located in our progressive and innovative 7000 square foot clinic. Highly recognized credentials by The Joint Commission and California Department of Alcohol and Drug Programs indicate the best-practice standards of patient care and treatment. A full team of medical and behavioral health professionals drive the program content with successful outcomes. Patients can expect top level care. The holistic treatment program at Sovereign Health embraces the proven methods of treatment by blending 12 -Step success with the physical healing of the brain while balancing the mind through therapy and mind-body techniques. As a patient at Sovereign Health you will experience a unique recovery and relapse prevention plan created just for you. A superior balance of social, medical, and spiritual treatment with transitional living provides assurance of progression and recovery.