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Drug Intervention - Dual Diagnosis Clinics

Drug Intervention may be necessary in order to convince a friend or loved one to enter drug or alcohol addiction treatment.

With proper planning, the intervention can be the critical first step in motivating positive life changes for persons recovering from chemical dependency. When addicts or alcoholics are unwilling or unable to see the extent of problems requiring treatment, they may be unwilling to address these problems in a treatment center.

At such times, the best solution might be a drug intervention.

Drug Intervention: Getting started

Your first step in organizing a drug intervention process is making a call to a treatment facility. Here at Sovereign Health of California, our therapists are available to answer your questions and to provide advice and support to you and/or other family members.

During your call to our center for dual diagnosis, if it is decided that an intervention would be both appropriate and productive, we can start setting up the intervention process. Interventionists will guide family members in preparing for a drug intervention. Family members will be required to prepare for this event by completing assignments related to the drug intervention. At a predetermined time, family members and supportive friends meet with the interventionist and the chemically dependent person for the drug intervention. People in need of a treatment can be painfully unaware of the damage they cause to families and relationships. The downward spiral of chemical dependency results in ever increasing problems that affect both the chemically dependent person and their families. These persons can initially be resistant to the process.

Such interventions are often very intense. They can last several hours or more. The drug interventionist is committed to change in a gentle and considerate manner and approaches these situations with years of experience in the field of drug intervention.

Through irrefutable evidence, logic and the love and support of concerned family members, the individual needing drug rehab is slowly brought around to a position that he or she may begin to see the damage caused to their own family. At this point, the chemically dependent person begins to consider the possibility that perhaps family members are correct in their assumptions and that perhaps they truly may benefit from getting help for addiction.

At no time is the individual made to feel embarrassed or ashamed. The drug intervention is performed in a caring and supportive fashion with utmost attention to dignity and pride. The love and support of family members and loved ones may open the chemically dependent person’s eyes to the reality of alcohol or drug addiction. Whatever the affliction, a trained interventionist can get the loved one to accept help, be it for marijuana addiction, methamphetamine treatment, or some other form of self abuse. It can be the first step to recovery for those persons who before the intervention were unwilling or unable to address issues surrounding alcohol abuse or drug addiction.

Drug Intervention: What you should know

Not surprisingly, chemically dependent persons are often unable to see the extent of their chemical dependence. They may be offended when the subject of drug rehab is brought up. When past incidents or bad behavior is mentioned, they may want to change the subject and may get angry. If you feel that any of these situations applies to you and a loved one suffering from drug or alcohol addiction, let us show you how an intervention by experienced interventionists from our dual diagnosis clinics can produce life changing results.